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Articles tagged with: storage



Interview: Michiel Gilsing – Global Director Sales & Marketing, Vopak

Michiel Gilsing provides a fascinating insight into the unique strategy of Vopak, the world’s leading independent tank storage company, the company’s efforts to reduce risk in its operations, and the future of the Spanish market. You first joined Vopak 13 …



Interview: José Luis López de Silanes – Chairman, CLH, Spain

The chairman of CLH, Spain’s number one oil transport and storage company, explains how increasing efficiency, internationalization and expanding the firm’s range of services are at the very core of his vision for the future. He outlines how the energy …



Interview: Rolando Balsamello – General Manager, Oiltanking, Argentina

Oiltanking’s Rolando Balsamello discusses the storage provider’s Argentinian operations, the evolution of the country’s oil and gas market, and the vital importance of stakeholder dialogue. Globally, Oiltanking is the second largest independent storage provider for oil, gas, bulk chemical, fertilizer …



Interview: Johan De Saeger – Chief Representative, ENGIE, Indonesia

The Chief Representative of newly rebranded ENGIE discusses how the Indonesian energy sector is fast becoming a test-bed for the demonstration and scaling up of fresh technologies and innovative operating concepts. He goes on to explain how the local market …



Interview: Eelco Hoekstra – Chairman and CEO, Vopak – Netherlands

The chairman and CEO of Vopak discusses the company’s role in providing infrastructure and service for almost 400 years. He details the strategic positioning the world’s largest independent storage company has taken, especially the company focus on hub, import and distribution, gas, …



Interview: Han Fennema – CEO, Gasunie – Netherlands

In light of declining indigenous production, the CEO of Gasunie Han Fennema portrays the company’s vital role in facilitating the country’s energy transition, and the importance of having an expansive and flexible pipeline infrastructure spanning multiple regions in Europe. He …



Interview: Paul van Herrewegen – General Manager, Rubis Terminal – Netherlands

Rubis Terminal’s general manager in the Netherlands discusses the company’s business strategy, and the independent terminals ability to provide added value for its customers. You have been manager at Rubis Terminal B.V. for a little bit over 8 years. What …



Interview: Peter Van Wessel – Regional Director, Oiltanking Europe & Peter Boers – Managing Director, Oiltanking Amsterdam

Peter van Wessel (PW) and Peter Boers (PB) recount the evolution of the global petroleum industry and how storage companies such as Oiltanking have adapted to capitalize on growing demands and sustain a competitive positioning in the market. You both …



Interview: Rob Nijst & Jared Pearl – CEO & CCO, VTTI – Netherlands

Rob Nijst and Jared Pearl share an intimate account of VTTI’s motivation to become a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, and their personal vision on the strategic direction of their global operations. Last time we met in …



Pascal Baylocq – Deputy CEO, Geostock – France

The Deputy CEO of Geostock, an engineering group specialized in the design, construction and operation of underground storage facilities, reviews his company’s performance in 2014. He provides insight into the development of the international subsidiaries and discusses what the future …



VTT Vasiliko Ltd. – George Papanastasiou, General Manager – Cyprus

The general manager of VTTV talks about the company’s oil storage and management facility, which is currently in the commissioning phase, and is the single largest infrastructural investment in the Cypriot oil and gas sector to date.    VTT Vasiliko …




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