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Articles tagged with: independent



Interview: Ian Hewitt – CEO, PICO Cheiron Group, Egypt

Ian Hewitt, CEO of PICO Cheiron Group, outlines the mandate he was given in February 2016 to take the family-owned company into the next level as an international oil and gas entity, the focus of PICO Cheiron on exploiting their …



Interview: Craig Stewart – General Manager, Ophir Indonesia

The general manager of a feisty new entrant to the local market outlines the company’s lofty offshore ambitions while shedding light on the rationale behind one of this year’s headline mergers and acquisitions. Maybe you could start by giving an …



Interview: Nick Dancer – General Manager, Petrogas E&P Netherlands

The general manager of Petrogas E&P Netherlands details how the company is building its competencies in offshore exploration in the Netherlands and how this European base will serve as the example for the company’s further international expansion. He demonstrates how the Netherlands’s continental …



Julien Moulin – Executive Chairman, European Gas Limited (EGL) – France

The chairman of European Gas Ltd. explains what inspired him to build an exploration and production company that operates on French territory.    Could you please share with our audience the premise that led to the creation of European Gas Limited (EGL) …



Sona Petroleum – Dato’ Sri Hadian bin Hashim, Managing Director and Non-Independent Executive Director – Malaysia

Managing director Dato’ Sri Hadian bin Hashim of Sona Petroleum Bhd, one of Malaysia’s largest listed special-purpose acquisition company, comments on the company’s recent acquisition of a 40 per cent interest in the B8/38 concession and the G4/50 concession in …



Van Dyke Netherlands – Hans Ryckborst, Managing Director

Dr Hans Ryckborst details Van Dyke energy company’s return to the Netherlands, explains the company’s origins in the country and its international trail of activity since the 1970s. Now, as Van Dyke moves to capitalize on mature fields, he describes the …



Hansa Hydrocarbons – Bert Clever, Country Manager Netherlands

Bert Clever describes Hansa Hydrocarbons’ moves offshore in the Netherlands, following the Rotliegend deposits in the search for new gas reserves. Basing their efforts on a core internal team of geologists, they have recently finalised a seismic sweep of the …



Hibiscus Petroleum – Kenneth Pereira, Managing Director – Malaysia

The managing director at Hibiscus, which started out as a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), discusses the benefits of the unique company structure and about his ambitious growth plans for the first five years of the business.   Hibiscus was …




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