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Articles tagged with: executive



Interview: Pau Herrera – President, Spanish Executives Association (AED)

Pau Herrera, President of the Spanish Executives Association (AED), discusses the services and offerings the association brings to their widely varied base of members spanning all industries in the country. He also discusses recent evolutions seen in the Spanish economy, …



Interview: Javier Pastorino – CEO Argentina / Uruguay & CEO Power & Gas (South-America w/o Brazil), Siemens

The CEO of Siemens Argentina and Uruguay who is also the CEO of Siemens’ Power & Gas Division South-America (excluding Brazil), highlights the company’s strong commitment to Argentina and elaborates the role Siemens will play in the future of the …



Interview: Walter Forwood – CEO, San Antonio Internacional, Argentina

The CEO of San Antonio Internacional, Argentina’s leading provider of integrated drilling services and management, gives his outlook on industry challenges, the company’s strategic evolution, and maintaining a leadership position based on heavy technology investments that are safe, environmentally friendly, …



Interview: Richard Spies – CEO, Pan American Energy (PAE), Argentina

Richard Spies of Pan American Energy (PAE), Argentina’s largest private oil and gas operator, discusses the strategic importance of PAE to parent company BP, the company’s conventional and unconventional plays in Argentina, and the future of the country’s oil and …



Interview: Krishnaswamy Iyer – Regional Director UAE, Qatar, Iraq & North Africa, WorleyParsons

Krishnaswamy Iyer of WorleyParsons reveals how the increasing focus on brownfield asset optimization will see the industry undergo a digital transformation; how WorleyParsons has conducted over 60 PMC projects over the last 15 years in the region building a reputation …



Interview: Julián Rooney – President, British Chamber of Commerce, Argentina

Julián Rooney, president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, discusses the potential for bilateral trade as a consequence of recent political changes in Argentina, the role of British companies in the energy industry, and how the chamber helps …



Interview: Omar Gutierrez – Governor of Neuquén Province, Argentina

Omar Gutierrez, governor of Neuquén, is in charge of the second biggest unconventional oil and gas basin in the world after Eagle Ford. He talks achieving economic and social stability in Argentina as well as the profitable investment opportunities in …



Interview: Guido Bizzozero – Senior Analyst (Oil & Gas), Allaria Ledesma, Argentina

Guido Bizzozero, senior oil and gas analyst at Allaria Ledesma, assesses the energy industry’s performance before and after the current government, how the market has reacted to recent changes and the future outlook for oil and gas options in the …



Interview: Graham Young – Managing Director, Anticorrosion Protective Systems (APS), UAE

Graham Young, MD of APS, discusses becoming one of the leading providers of corrosion engineering and contracting services in the Middle East, the high-quality services and products they provide, and the importance of innovation. Could you please provide an overview …



Interview: Ernesto Lopez Anadón – President, Instituto Argentino de Petróleo y Gas (IAPG), Argentina

Ernesto Lopez Anadón, president of IAPG, discusses the current energy situation in Argentina, the role of the institute as the technical reference for the industry, and collaboration among different energy stakeholders to increase the investment attractiveness of the country Could …



Interview: Eduardo Raúl Costa – National deputy of Santa Cruz & Vice President, Energy Commission, Argentina

Eduardo Raúl Costa, national deputy of the province of Santa Cruz and VP of the Energy Commission of the Deputy Chamber, discusses the evolution of  energy policy in Argentina, attracting investment to unlock the nation’s energy potential, and the role …



Interview: Gary Graham – Vice President (EMEA), ABS Group, Abu Dhabi

Gary Graham, Vice President (EMEA) of ABS Group* discusses the acquisitions of Safetec and GenesisSolutions; how the company helps clients operate more efficiently while maintaining high regulatory standards; and the importance of the Middle East in the coming years. Can you give us a brief overview …




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