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Articles tagged with: equipment



Interview: Francisco Gomez – Country Leader Iberia, Ingersoll Rand, Spain

Francisco Gomez, Country Leader for Spain and Portugal, is in charge of one of the most influential divisions within the EMEA region of Ingersoll Rand. In this interview, he discusses the unique portfolio of maintenance services dispensed by the company, …



Interview: Thomas Espeland – Australian Director, Advantec

Thomas Espeland explains how the current pricing environment has helped facilitate Advantec’s market entry and introduce their industry-leading Workover Control Systems (WOCS) into Australia. He also highlights the core principles of the company’s operating model and how their unique concept …



Interview: Richard Cornelissen – CEO, PFF Group – Netherlands

Richard Cornelissen discusses the total package supply and management offered by PFF, the quality of the company’s products and the long-term relationships it fosters within the industry, as well as PFF’s ambitious international growth agenda. What are the main challenges facing PFF Group …



Interview: Steven Wardenier – Commercial Director, Lankhorst Ropes – Netherlands

Steven Wardenier highlights Lankhorst Ropes’s role as a technology leader and partner to the global energy industry with reliable, innovative rope products with a For Life, Through Life philosophy to accompany customers throughout the entire lifetime of your products. You’ve been at Lankhorst Ropes for a little …



Interview: Tarek El Gani – Managing Director, ABB Algeria

The country manager of the renowned international automation company, ABB, explains how the company is taking a new step in Algeria and which solutions they are providing to enhance efficiency and productivity in the industry . You recently arrived in …



Interview: Paul Nederlof – Managing Director, VandeGrijp – Netherlands

Paul Nederlof discusses VandeGrijp’s history in the dredging industry, its diversification into the offshore industry providing customized equipment, and specific projects such as the “Blue Hammer.” Can you introduce VandeGrijp and its activities in the Netherlands to our international readers? …



Interview: Mehdi Guellil – Founder & Managing Director, Kerdos Energy – France

Kerdos Energy, which was founded in 2010 in France’s “historical oil and gas region,” Pau, works with private and public organizations to identify opportunities and risks related to their transition towards cleaner and more efficient energy sources. Learn more from …



Interview: Paul Dits – Director, Kreber – Netherlands

Paul Dits discusses Kreber’s over 112 years of history as a designer and manufacturer of tailor made solutions, the new vision and impetus he has implemented since joining the management team. What is Kreber’s value proposition today? Kreber is an …



Interview: Alain Garric – Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Marechal Electric – Technor – France

The group chief sales and marketing director of Marechal Electric, a supplier of electrical equipment, discusses the growing importance of oil and gas since the acquisition of the Italian company Technor. He also provides insight into the company’s prospects for …



Interview: Gerben Wansink – CEO, Maats – Netherlands

Maats’s CEO explains the company’s ambitions for continued global growth in onshore and upstream, what makes Maats stand apart from its competitors, and the exciting technologies the company brings to the industry. How has the company evolved in the past …



Interview: Nils van Nood – Managing Director, GustoMSC – Netherlands

GustoMSC’s managing director shares his experience of mitigating financial and technical risk for his clients, new market opportunities in the Middle East and Asia and the company’s ability to seize the moment in today’s turbulent market What is GustoMSC’s role as an …



Interview: J.F. Doddema – Managing Director, Seal for Life – Netherlands

Frits Doddema, global general manager & managing director of Seal for Life, discusses how the company is moving from equipment provider to being a larger service provider through coatings that can communicate. He details how Seal for Life’s coatings provide …




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