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Articles tagged with: Vaca-Muerta



Argentina: All Hopes on Vaca Muerta

A historic agreement of $15bn investment for the exploitation of the shale oil and gas fields of Vaca Muerta has brought together the Argentinian government, some of the world’s biggest hydrocarbon companies, as well as the unions in an effort …



Interview: Omar Flores – President, Damgas, Argentina

Damgas president, Omar Flores, describes the secrets behind the company’s success in Neuquén, new projects in the Damgas agenda and his plan to create new partnerships. Could you please introduce yourself to our international readership? “The goal of our company …



Interview: Julián Rooney – President, British Chamber of Commerce, Argentina

Julián Rooney, president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, discusses the potential for bilateral trade as a consequence of recent political changes in Argentina, the role of British companies in the energy industry, and how the chamber helps …



Interview: Omar Gutierrez – Governor of Neuquén Province, Argentina

Omar Gutierrez, governor of Neuquén, is in charge of the second biggest unconventional oil and gas basin in the world after Eagle Ford. He talks achieving economic and social stability in Argentina as well as the profitable investment opportunities in …



Interview: Ernesto Lopez Anadón – President, Instituto Argentino de Petróleo y Gas (IAPG), Argentina

Ernesto Lopez Anadón, president of IAPG, discusses the current energy situation in Argentina, the role of the institute as the technical reference for the industry, and collaboration among different energy stakeholders to increase the investment attractiveness of the country Could …



Interview: Gustavo Smidt – Executive Director, CEOPE, Argentina

Gustavo Smidt, executive director of the Cámara de Empresas de Operaciones Petroleras Especiales (CEOPE), discusses the Argentinian oil and gas industry’s challenges, the necessity of stabilizing the market in order to attract new capital investment, and the strengths of the …



Interview: Leonardo J. Brkusic – Executive Director, Grupo Argentino de Proveedores Petroleros (GAPP), Argentina

GAPP’s Leonardo J. Brkusic discusses the current challenges of the Argentinian oil and gas industry, the need to work towards a balance of local O&G industry and infrastructure, and the technology development needed in order to attract international investments and fulfill …




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