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Articles tagged with: Rope



Interview: Luis Aires – Chairman, BP Spain

Luis Aires, Chairman of BP Spain discusses the merits of operating in a bi-national environment, the importance of having the strongest offer and how the petroleum industry is reacting to the economic downturn. BP has been operating in this market …



Interview: Demetrio Carceller Arce – President, Disa Group, Spain

Demetrio Carceller Arce, president of Disa Group, sees the future growth of Disa stemming from both upstream and downstream operations, as well as renewables. He discusses the importance of location in the downstream business, the advantages of vertical integration in …



Interview: Antonio Llardén – Executive Chairman, Enagás, Spain

Antonio Llardén, executive chairman of Enagás, one of the foremost LNG players in Europe and the Spanish transmissions operator, describes the geostrategic challenges inherent in building a more integrated European energy market. Could you please start by giving us a …



Interview: Rafael Villaseca – CEO, Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain

Rafael Villaseca, CEO of Gas Natural Fenosa, describes the Spanish energy sector’s resilience to market uncertainties, Gas Natural Fenosa’s move to integrate its gas and electricity businesses, the company’s internationalization strategies, and the competitive edge of Spanish energy outfits abroad. …



Interview: Antoni Peris – President, Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS)

Antoni Peris, president of the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS), discusses the efforts both in Spain and across Europe to advocate for the increased utilization of natural gas, and the progress & challenges he has seen during these efforts in recent …



Interview: Alvaro Mazarrasa – Director General, Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos (AOP), Spain

The Director General of the Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos (AOP), Spain’s leading mid- and downstream association, explains how Spain has developed since the abolishment of the monopoly in 1993 and highlights how the country has become the …



Interview: Marta Margarit Borras – Secretary General, Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS)

The secretary general of the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS) elaborates on Spain’s role in decarbonizing Europe’s economies, highlights the country’s sophisticated gas infrastructure and gives her opinion on the currently halted Midcat project. You have been Secretary General of Sedigas …



Russia’s Arctic Frontiers

Already the largest national contributor of gas to European markets, Russia stands to increase its global gas export footprint through the development of a huge LNG project in its Arctic region capable of serving both Asia and Europe. “Despite being …



Gazprom’s European Agenda

Against the crisp backdrop of Vienna under snowfall, the message resonated loud and clear: Russia considers itself as the primary guarantor of West European gas security and the time has come for European political circles to face up to the …



Interview: Berend Reinink – CEO, Hendrik Veder Group, The Netherlands

The CEO of Hendrik Veder Group, Berend Reinink discusses the on-going integration efforts with respect to the group’s recent formation and how this newly formed organization will help enable the company to provide unparalleled standards in the supply of wire …




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