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Articles tagged with: Pipelines



Interview: José Luis López de Silanes – Chairman, CLH, Spain

The chairman of CLH, Spain’s number one oil transport and storage company, explains how increasing efficiency, internationalization and expanding the firm’s range of services are at the very core of his vision for the future. He outlines how the energy …



Interview: Pedro Miras Salamanca – Chairman, CORES, Spain

Pedro Miras Salamanca, chairman at the Spanish oil stockholding entity CORES, and chairman of the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s Standing Group on Emergency Questions (SEQ), discusses his dual responsibilities, CORES’ mission and model, Spain’s potential to become further integrated into …



Interview: Mariano Marzo – Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain

Mariano Marzo, an industry expert and professor at the University of Barcelona, shares his extensive knowledge of the energy sector in Spain, including recent trends seen within the industry as well as steps he believes are necessary to ensure a …



Game On for Natural Gas

Global gas demand is projected to grow by at least 1.6 per cent year on year over the next 25 years, which will be more than enough to propel gas’s share of the world energy markets to over 25 per …



Interview: Graham Young – Managing Director, Anticorrosion Protective Systems (APS), UAE

Graham Young, MD of APS, discusses becoming one of the leading providers of corrosion engineering and contracting services in the Middle East, the high-quality services and products they provide, and the importance of innovation. Could you please provide an overview …



Interview: Mikhail Blekherov – President, CRC-Evans Onshore East – Netherlands

Mikhail Blekherov discusses CRC-Evans’ new fit-for-purpose facility in the Netherlands that the company is building into a center for excellence for its Onshore East division, and the international reach of the Netherlands office in geographies as varied as Russia, China, Algeria and …



Interview: Thierry Trouve – CEO, GRTgaz – France

The CEO of France’s main natural gas transmission system operator, provides an early review of the company’s 2009-2018 investment plan. He shares his ambition to make France an undisputed gas trading hub in Europe. The creation of GRTgaz stems from the …



Interview: Philippe Crouzet – Chairman, Vallourec – France

EBR speaks to the chairman of Vallourec, a world leader in tubular solutions, who outlines the restructuring plan he unveiled last February. He explains that in spite of the difficulties encountered, his international expansion strategy was visionary and make the company …



Interview: Fabio Pallavicini – CEO, Saipem SA – France

The CEO of Saipem SA provides insight into the company’s history since the acquisition of Bouygues Offshore. He also discusses the importance of Saipem France to the group as a leading project execution center. Saipem is present in France since …



Interview: Roderik van Seumeren – CEO, Selmers – Netherlands

Roderik van Seumeren discusses Selmers’ long-standing reputation for excellence in equipment manufacturing for pipe coating, and onshore and offshore pipeline construction and the initiatives he has taken to increase the company’s footprint globally and in the offshore industry since its acquisition …



Interview: Jacques Melman – CEO, Frames – Netherlands

Frames’ CEO Jacques Melman explains how Frames’s proprietary and cost effective technologies are adding value to the market via optimization, its movement into new market sectors with associated technologies, for example with water treatment, and how the company has expanded internationally …



Interview: Ludovic Villatte – CEO, ITP Interpipe – France

The CEO of ITP Interpipe, a global leader in the design, provision and fabrication of insulated pipelines, expresses his company’s commitment to reduce his clients’ OPEX and CAPEX. He also provides insight into the growing importance of QHSE as ITP …




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