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Articles tagged with: Oil-&-Gas



Interview: Andrew Shaw – Managing Director, Ducab, United Arab Emirates

The managing director of Ducab, Andrew Shaw, explains in detail how the homegrown organization has helped with the development of the UAE and the surrounding GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, as well as how its acquisition of AEI Cables has …



Interview: Nils van Nood – Managing Director, GustoMSC – Netherlands

GustoMSC’s managing director shares his experience of mitigating financial and technical risk for his clients, new market opportunities in the Middle East and Asia and the company’s ability to seize the moment in today’s turbulent market What is GustoMSC’s role as an …



Interview: Roland Teixeira – Country Executive, GE – Benelux

Roland Teixeira of GE shares how the company is promoting optimization to lock in value in an advanced market like Benelux. He elaborates on GE’s efforts to foster projects in smart energy and bring analytics to big data to produce predictive and …



Michel de Fabiani – Vice President, Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Michel de Fabiani, Vice-President of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and former President of BP Europe, discusses business relations between France and the UK, and the prominence of the energy field. Could you introduce yourself to our international …



Jon Allwood – Managing Partner, Global Consulting Solutions at KBC Advanced Technologies, Malaysia

Jon Allwood, Managing Partner – Global Consulting Solutions at KBC Advanced Technologies, explains why KBC recently opened an office in Kuala Lumpur, the company’s long-standing relationship with PETRONAS via such joint projects as theOperational Excellence Academy, and KBC’s holistic offering …



Dr. Jorge Luis Gonzalez Velazquez – General Director, Grupo de Analisis de Integridad de Ductos (CNH), Mexico

Dr. Jorge Luis Gonzalez Velazquez shares his deep knowledge about metallurgical engineering, his extensive work at PEMEX working on corroded and cracked metal pipelines, his personal achievements as general director of GAID and his ability to multitask as a college …



Maen Razouqi, VP & General Manager – BMP at Schlumberger Malaysia

Maen Razouqi, Vice President & General Manager – BMP at Schlumberger, discusses the Group’s 80th anniversary in Malaysia in 2015 and your choice of Malaysia as a regional hub with continually expanding capacities, including the Asia Centre of Engineering and Reliability …



French Gas Association (AFG) – Jerome Ferrier, President

The president of the AFG discusses the future of gas in Europe and the future of natural gas in France.   France has held the presidency of the International Gas Union (IGU) since 2012. What have been some of the …



IFP New Energies – Olivier Appert, Chairman & CEO – France

The chairman and CEO of IFP New Energies talks about France’s current role in the global oil and gas landscape, and the steps the organization takes in providing education for the next generation of the sector. The IFPEN, originally known …



Nogepa – Jo Peters, Secretary – Netherlands

Jo Peters of NOGEPA describes the current context of operations for the Dutch exploration and production industry. He comments on current levels of regulation, policy and the future energy context for the Netherlands. He acknowledges the increasing efforts to maintain …



Data and technology to combat waste in the UK

The UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) faces new challenges in a new era; mainly dealing with consistent oil prices but rising exploration and production (E&P) costs. Additionally, the UKCS is widely recognized as a mature basin with assets that are approaching, …



Interview: Didier Mena, Director General, Navix, Mexico

“we go beyond providing capital by getting involved and supervising the projects we finance. Navix has its own petroleum and civil engineers, among others, continuously ensuring the smooth progress of any given project we participate in.” Could you please begin …




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