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Articles tagged with: Maritime



South Africa’s Maritime Excellence: Staying Ahead of the Game

As former Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters put it, South Africa is “a maritime nation”. With a strategic position along one of the world’s busiest sea routes, the Cape route connecting East and West, as well as a 3000-kilometer coastline, …



Interview: Sobantu Tilayi – Acting CEO, South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)

Sobantu Tilayi, acting CEO of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), shares his insights into the mandate of SAMSA to safeguard lives at sea, the maritime environment and also promote the country’s maritime interests, the key achievements they have …



Interview: Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi – CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports, UAE

Captain Mohamed Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, discusses his ‘One Port Strategy’ for Abu Dhabi Ports; their fundamental goal to be the best ‘maritime trade enablers’, not just for Abu Dhabi but nationally and internationally; and key examples …



Interview: Emil Helmi – Country Manager, ABS, Indonesia

The country Manager of ABS Indonesia describes how ABS is focusing their research and development efforts on anticipated future market developments; thereby negating the effects of the drop in commodity prices and consequent slowdown in maritime activity. Furthermore, he highlights …



Interview: Mart van Bracht – Managing Director, TNO Energy – Netherlands

Mart Van Bracht of the TNO discusses the organization’s hybrid nature as a state owned, but independently managed research and technology organization, as well as its current innovative projects in the energy sector. TNO is working to ensure sustainable, reliable and …



Interview: Paul Dits – Director, Kreber – Netherlands

Paul Dits discusses Kreber’s over 112 years of history as a designer and manufacturer of tailor made solutions, the new vision and impetus he has implemented since joining the management team. What is Kreber’s value proposition today? Kreber is an …



Interview: Jelte Kymmell – Managing Director, Mocean Offshore – Netherlands

Jelte Kymmell shares the vision he had in creating Mocean as a specialist high-end engineering firm involved in complex projects as the early stage of their inception, the company’s focus on R&D and producing relevant solutions to problems facing the …



Interview: Peter Uitbeijerse – CEO, Global Maritime Vryhof – Netherlands

The CEO of Global Maritime Vryhof highlights the rich history of the company that recently delivered its 10,000th anchor, Vryhof’s entry into the Global Maritime Group and how Vryhof’’s anchor solutions are predictable, sustainable and lower risk, all the while being cost …



Royal IHC – Bram Roelse, CEO – Netherlands

The new CEO of Royal IHC discusses his strategy for the company, how to create an environment ‘where innovation blossoms,’ and the future of the company, which is working increasingly in deeper waters and with integrated solutions.   One reason 2013 …



Interview: Ernst Meyer, Vice President & Regional Manager, DNV, Singapore

The Vice President & Regional Manager of DNV in Singapore discusses the company’s enduring presence in Southeast Asia’s maritime and offshore industry, and expands on how companies can operate efficiently and safely in a region where upstream regulation remains relatively …



Interview: Ronald Tan, Director, Singapore Maritime Academy

Ronald Tan, Director of Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA), highlights the longstanding importance and contribution of the SMA to Singapore’s reputable marine industry, specifically emphasizing the organization’s contribution towards cultivating an industry of the highest standard through stringent training measures.  SMA has a long and interesting …



Interview: Michael Chia, Chairman, Singapore Maritime Foundation

Michael Chia, Chairman of Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), describes the organization’s role in linking the public and private sectors in Singapore’s maritime industry, and how such open dialogue and mutual cooperation can help Singapore achieve its vision of becoming an …




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