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Articles tagged with: Infrastructure



Interview: Siyabonga Gama – CEO, Transnet, South Africa

Siyabonga Gama, CEO of Transnet, discusses the need for collaboration between the private and public sectors to meet Africa’s infrastructure needs and the government’s role in facilitating this partnership. Furthermore, he touches on the port and energy ecosystem in South …



Interview: Jurie Swart – CEO, African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM), South Africa

Jurie Swart, CEO of African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM), discusses the role of the private sector in covering the continent’s infrastructure needs. Furthermore, he highlights the potential of Africa for investors and how AIIM mitigates the risk of investment within …



Interview: Mariano Marzo – Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain

Mariano Marzo, an industry expert and professor at the University of Barcelona, shares his extensive knowledge of the energy sector in Spain, including recent trends seen within the industry as well as steps he believes are necessary to ensure a …



Interview: Osama Kamal – Chief Strategy Officer; Member of the Board of Directors, Carbon Holdings, Egypt

Osama Kamal, former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for Egypt, shares his insights on the underappreciated potential of Egypt’s downstream oil and gas sector, gleaned from his 35 years of experience in the public and private sectors, while arguing …



Interview: Oscar Le Calvet – Director General, Contreras, Argentina

The Director General of Contreras, one of Argentina’s leading construction companies, highlights their versatile capabilities and explains how diversification allowed the company to always be a step ahead. Could you please introduce us to CONTRERAS’ footprint today? “Historically, Argentina’s political …



Interview: Ricardo Delgado – Sub-Secretary of Public Federal Works, Ministry of Interior, Argentina

Ricardo Delgado, sub-secretary of Public Federal Works of Argentina highlights the significance of infrastructure development throughout all industrial sectors as a fundamental element for the country’s growth ambitions. He furthermore elaborates on the ongoing reforms of Argentina’s public tender system …



Interview: Marcelo Carro – Commercial Manager, Rovella Carranza, Argentina

The Commercial Manager of Rovella Carranza, one of Argentina’s leading construction companies, elaborates on the company’s strategy of moving into the energy infrastructure segment and explains the role strategic partnerships play for Rovella Carranza. Since 2003 the ministry of public …



Interview: Salim Bashir – Partner, KPMG Tanzania

KPMG Tanzania’s Salim Bashir discusses Tanzania’s country competitiveness, the importance of infrastructure growth, and the country’s enormous potential as an oil and gas producer. Could you begin by explaining the work of KPMG in Tanzania, who your main clients are, …



Indonesian Infrastructure Development: Building the Road to the Future

By making infrastructure development one of the defining planks of his presidency, Joko Widido strives to inject new momentum into Indonesia’s stuttering economy. Public spending in Indonesia rose by 7.3 percent in quarter four of 2015, as a direct response …



Interview Part One: Sacha Winzenried – Partner & Leader of the Energy, Mining & Utilities Practice, PwC Indonesia

In part one of a two-part interview, the head of the energy division of one of the world’s leading management consultancies discusses emerging opportunities in the LNG, bridging infrastructure spheres and regulatory changes. PwC is the largest professional services firm …



Engen Expands Service Station Network in Mozambique

Engen, the African energy multinational, is continuing its aggressive retail expansion in Mozambique, with plans for three service stations in the near future – one in Maputo and two in Inhambane. The company currently operates in 18 countries in Sub …



Interview: Edwin van Drunen – Consultant and Director, Enersea – Netherlands

Edwin van Drunen introduces Enerseas and the technical expertise it offers, especially to the beginning stages of complex projects, as well as the company’s ambition to engineer the future of energy at sea. Please give an overview of where Enersea …




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