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Articles tagged with: Industry



Interview: Chris Bredenhann – Partner, Oil & Gas Industry Leader, PwC South Africa

Chris Bredenhann, PwC’s oil and gas lead for South Africa, discusses the services that PwC provides to the industry, recent industry trends, and highlights the country’s oil and gas potential. Chris, in 2012, PwC was establishing a new structure for …



Interview: Hossam Awadalla; Mohamed Kamal – Chairman and Managing Director; General Manager, Gharib Oil Services, Egypt

Mohamed Kamal, General Manager of Gharib Company, discusses the transformation strategy he is implementing with the support and encouragement of Chairman Eng. Hossam Awadalla in order to build Gharib Group as an integrated oil and gas company providing oilfield services, …



Interview: Wael Bakr – CEO, MCS, Egypt

Wael Bakr, founder and CEO of MCS, an Egyptian company providing proprietary subsea technology, outlines how the company has managed to develop into an industry leader in the past decade; the core focus they place on R&D; his frank perspective …



Interview: Dr. Rainer Herret – CEO, German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Egypt

Dr. Rainer Herret, CEO of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC), gives us his impression of the current national mood in Egypt following the economic reforms implemented by the government, the contributions of German oil and gas companies …



Interview: Jonathan Smith – General Manager, AMC Management (WA), Australia

Jonathan Smith, general manager of AMC Management, the company contracted to manage the State owned Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility (AMCCUF), details how this collaborative and publicly-owned facility with a multi-industry approach is becoming a leading center of excellence …



Interview: Malcolm Roberts – CEO, APPEA, Australia

The CEO of APPEA, Australia’s peak national body representing the E&P industry, explains how government leaders and regulators alike have responded to changing dynamics in the domestic gas market as a result of increasing LNG exports on the East Coast, …



Malaysia: Bringing Together National Expertise

The Offshore Engineering Asia conference, which brought together leading industry voices in the Malaysian oil and gas sector, took place over three days in late November 2014. The event coincided with a seminal year for Malaysia’s oil & gas sector. …



Interview: Gao Youzhen, Chinese Ambassador to Qatar

His Excellency Gao Youzhen, Chinese Embassador to Qatar, discusses trade between China and Qatar, and that it can be divided into two parts: Chinese imports—energy resources from Qatar, both natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbon products and Chinese exports—mainly electronics …



Interview: Jorge Jiménez, Partner, López Velarde Heftye y Soria (LVHS), Mexico

“At this point, we are undoubtedly at a cross roads involved in the reshaping of the industry. As such, we are in the process of piecing together the elements and understanding, along with industry players, the role each participating party …



Interview: Dagfinn O.Tegnander, Regional Director of Oil & Gas, and Lars Alvsvag, Managing Director, Scana, Singapore

Dagfinn O.Tegnander, Regional Director of Oil & Gas, and Lars Alvsvag, Managing Director at Scana Propulsion discuss Singapore’s ability to simultaneously support the aftersales oil and gas market, while casting doubt over the city-state’s ability to become an engineering powerhouse. …



Interview: Ronald Tan, Director, Singapore Maritime Academy

Ronald Tan, Director of Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA), highlights the longstanding importance and contribution of the SMA to Singapore’s reputable marine industry, specifically emphasizing the organization’s contribution towards cultivating an industry of the highest standard through stringent training measures.  SMA has a long and interesting …




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