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Articles tagged with: Argentina



Argentina: All Hopes on Vaca Muerta

A historic agreement of $15bn investment for the exploitation of the shale oil and gas fields of Vaca Muerta has brought together the Argentinian government, some of the world’s biggest hydrocarbon companies, as well as the unions in an effort …



Interview: Roberto Garcia – General Manager, Técnicas Reunidas, Argentina

The general manager of Técnicas Reunidas Argentina highlights the significance of Argentina within the company’s history. Furthermore, he explains how upcoming opportunities will help the affiliate to prosper in the short term future. Could you please introduce us to the …



Interview: Diego Saleño – Director & CEO, IPE Neuquen, Argentina

The CEO of IPE Neuquén elaborates on his drive to develop the company while maintaining the essence of the formerly family owned company based on quality, safety and delivering excellency. Could you please introduce yourself to our international readership? “Creating …



Interview: Diego Fernando Jerez – Vice President, Huinoil, Argentina

The Vice-President of Huinoil, one of Argentina’s leading oilfield service providers, highlights how constant re-evaluation of the company’s direction and diversifying into new service areas has grown Huinoil to become a reference within the industry. Diego, following in your father’s …



Interview: Jorge Vugdelija – CEO, Oleoductos del Valle, Argentina

The CEO of Oleoductos del Valle, Argentina’s largest transporter of oil, explains how the change in government has affected the state-controlled business and highlights employees as the company’s main differentiator. Could you please introduce yourself to our international readership? “Our …



Interview: Jose Ramon Tiemblo – CEO, TECNA, Argentina

The CEO of Tecna, one of Argentina’s leading EPC companies, explains their current strategy of consolidating their businesses and highlights Argentina as strategic growth spot of the future for the company. Could you please give us an overview of Tecna’s …



Interview: Oscar Le Calvet – Director General, Contreras, Argentina

The Director General of Contreras, one of Argentina’s leading construction companies, highlights their versatile capabilities and explains how diversification allowed the company to always be a step ahead. Could you please introduce us to CONTRERAS’ footprint today? “Historically, Argentina’s political …



Interview: Omar Flores – President, Damgas, Argentina

Damgas president, Omar Flores, describes the secrets behind the company’s success in Neuquén, new projects in the Damgas agenda and his plan to create new partnerships. Could you please introduce yourself to our international readership? “The goal of our company …



Interview: Adrian Mascheroni – General Manager, AESA, Argentina

The general manager of AESA, one of Argentina’s largest EPC companies and fully owned by YPF, reviews current challenges in the industry and elaborates AESA’s unique offering complemented by a strong service segment. Moreover, he elaborates on the potential offered …



Interview: Rodolfo Gonzales – President, Tecmaco, Argentina

The president of TECMACO, the Argentinean leader in heavy lifting machinery, highlights how current country developments will enable the company to more than double their revenues in the next five years. Moreover, he explains how investments into their employees enabled …



Interview: Eduardo Montich – President, EMA Electro Mecanica, Argentina

The president of EMA Electro Mecanica, one of the leading companies for medium and high voltage equipment in the Americas, highlights the significant opportunities existing in Argentina’s power generation and power distribution segment. Furthermore, he explains how their innovation capabilities …



Interview: Liborio Flores Enriquez – Ambassador of Bolivia to Argentina

The ambassador of Bolivia to Argentina reviews his tenure in the country and elaborates on the common history of both countries which is based on constitutional freedom and equality of its people. What were your immediate major goals upon assuming …




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