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Interview: Kym Bills – CEO, Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA), Australia

Interview 10.05.2016 Australia

With a mission to foster collaboration and resourcing for petroleum and geosequestration related research, the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA) provides innovative, safe and sustainable

Interview: John O’Hare – General Manager Marine & Defence, Oil & Gas, Western Australia Department of Commerce, Australia

Interview 10.05.2016 Australia

Responsible for delivery of Government resources and services to the Western Australian oil and gas services, marine and defense industry sectors, John O’Hare works with his team to attract new investments

Interview: Greg Vesey – Managing Director & CEO, LNGL, Australia

Interview 29.04.2016 Australia

Bringing dynamic mid-scale LNG projects to the international energy market, Australian LNG Limited (LNGL), has positioned itself as an innovative global player in LNG infrastructure investment. MD and

Interview: Peter Bennett – CEO, Clough, Australia

Interview 28.04.2016 Australia

Peter Bennett details his strategic priorities since taking over as Clough CEO in February 2016, explains his focus on expanding the scope of the company’s services and reputation to embody a truly integrated

Interview: Bernadette Cullinane – Asia Pacific Energy Lead, Accenture, Australia

Interview 26.04.2016 Australia

With a particular focus on assisting oil and gas companies to improve performance, Accenture has committed itself to the Australian market, lending its services and expertise in areas such as supply chain

Interview: Wouter Mink – Managing Director, Mammoet Australia

Interview 26.04.2016 Australia

Mammoet Australia’s Wouter Mink details the company’s leading operations and how it has been delivering despite logistical and environmental challenges. He expands on the company’s ambitions to be

Interview: Geeta Thakorlal – Senior Vice-President Global Offshore Select & INTECSEA ANZ, INTECSEA, Australia

Interview 26.04.2016 Australia

INTECSEA’s Geeta Thakorlal details how she aims to position the Offshore Select division globally and steer the Australian affiliate to better meet her clients’ evolving needs, while strengthening

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC)

Companie 26.04.2016 Australia

The Australian Energy Market Commission was established in 2005 by the Council of Australian Governments as part of new governance arrangements to oversee the nation’s main energy markets. Our role

Interview: John Pierce – Chairman, AEMC, Australia

Interview 26.04.2016 Australia

The chairman of the Australian Energy Market Commission, John Pierce, describes the organization’s push for liquid wholesale gas trading hubs, secondary trading of pipeline capacity, and enhanced market

Optimism abounds at landmark Australian LNG summit

Article 18.04.2016 Australia

Australia last week welcomed the world’s largest global Gas conference, against a backdrop of considerable market upheaval and transformation. In total, 1,800 exhibitors and close to some 2,000 delegates