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ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, Egypt

Companie 27.04.2017 Egypt

Company profile: The Industrial Solutions business area at thyssenkrupp is a leading partner for the engineering, construction, and service of industrial plants and systems. In addition to chemical, coke,

Interview: Thore Lohmann – CEO / Managing Director, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, Egypt

Interview 27.04.2017 Egypt

CEO and Managing Director of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions in Egypt, Thore Lohmann, tells us about ThyssenKrupp’s enviable track record, the commitment and expertise they demonstrated in delivering

Sigma Petroleum Services, Egypt

Companie 24.04.2017 Egypt

Company profile: Sigma Petroleum Company is a subsidiary of Sigma Group. Established in 2000, it renders services to oil and gas companies. Our long-standing relationship with the energy industry enables

Interview: Eng. Hassan Bishr – VP & Operations Manager, Sigma Petroleum Services, Egypt

Interview 24.04.2017 Egypt

Eng. Hassan Bishr, VP and Operations Manager of Sigma Petroleum Services, tells us why he set up the company back in 2001, how Sigma’s value proposition is to accelerate cash flow generation for oil

Gharib Group, Egypt

Companie 24.04.2017 Egypt

Company profile: Gharib Oil Services is a private company operating within the oil & gas equipment & services sector focusing on energy. Gharib Oil Services company is an Egyptian partnership

Interview: Hossam Awadalla; Mohamed Kamal – Chairman and Managing Director; General Manager, Gharib Oil Services, Egypt

Interview 24.04.2017 Egypt

Mohamed Kamal, General Manager of Gharib Company, discusses the transformation strategy he is implementing with the support and encouragement of Chairman Eng. Hossam Awadalla in order to build Gharib Group

MCS, Egypt

Companie 24.04.2017 Egypt

Company profile: Since its foundation in Year 1999, MCS shows independent vision of being State-of-Art enterprise serving the Oil & Gas Offshore Inspection Industry in the globe. MCS is the leader

Interview: Wael Bakr – CEO, MCS, Egypt

Interview 24.04.2017 Egypt

Wael Bakr, founder and CEO of MCS, an Egyptian company providing proprietary subsea technology, outlines how the company has managed to develop into an industry leader in the past decade; the core focus

TWMA, Egypt

Companie 24.04.2017 Egypt

Company profile: TWMA is a global provider of integrated drilling and environmental solutions to the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. We are a single source provider for managing waste materials

Interview: Abdelrahman Amin – General Manager, TWMA, Egypt

Interview 24.04.2017 Egypt

Abdelrahman Amin, GM for TWMA Egypt, outlines the positive development of TWMA in Egypt in the past decade; the value that their waste management services bring to the oil and gas industry, most notably