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Interview: Paul Newbound – Executive Director & CEO, APTS, Australia

Interview 09.06.2016 Australia

APTS has delivered quality pipeline and pressure testing services in Australia for over 13 years. Paul Newbound details how their microwave non-destructive testing technology for non-metallics will revolutionize

McConnell Dowell Australia

Companie 07.06.2016 Australia

Since 1961, McConnell Dowell has built thousands of quality assets and facilities for clients and communities. The company’s expertise has grown steadily to span building, civil, electrical, fabrication,

Interview: Scott Cummins – CEO, McConnell Dowell, Australia

Interview 07.06.2016 Australia

McConnell Dowell is a major engineering, construction, building and maintenance contractor delivering service and expertise across a wide array of industry sectors, including oil and gas. Bringing extensive

Clear Skies ahead for hydrocarbons in Australia’s “Sunshine State”?

Article 02.06.2016 Australia

Queensland is fast emerging as a new frontier for oil and gas, with USD 65 billion worth of extraction projects already under construction in the region. The sunniest place in Australia is spearheading

Australian Marine Complex (AMC)

Companie 27.05.2016 Australia

The Australian Marine Complex (AMC) is a world-class centre for excellence for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, maintenance and technology development, servicing the marine, defence, and resource

Interview: Jonathan Smith – General Manager, AMC Management (WA), Australia

Interview 27.05.2016 Australia

Jonathan Smith, general manager of AMC Management, the company contracted to manage the State owned Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility (AMCCUF), details how this collaborative and publicly-owned

Interview: Hon. Josh Frydenberg – Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia

Interview 26.05.2016 Australia

As Australia welcomes the world for LNG 18, the Hon.Josh Frydenberg highlights the mind-blowing development of Australia’s LNG industry, government initiatives to capitalize on this investment,

CalEnergy Resources Australia

Companie 24.05.2016 Australia

CalEnergy Resources Limited is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, which is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. The group of operating companies headed by CalEnergy Resources Limited

Interview: Peter Youngs – Managing Director, CalEnergy Resources Ltd, Australia

Interview 24.05.2016 Australia

CalEnergy Resources Limited is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy with offices in London, Warsaw and Perth. Managing director Peter Youngs shares the company’s upstream oil and gas projects in

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA)

Companie 13.05.2016 Australia

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) enables growth through industry-led collaboration, innovation and knowledge-sharing. NERA is an industry-led, government-funded initiative, which aims, through