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Akrom Australia

Companie 17.06.2016 Australia

  Akrom is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in Resources and Energy. With a mix of data, technology and people, Akrom helps its partners identifying opportunities and optimizing existing assets

Interview: Diego Berazategui – Managing Director, Akrom, Australia

Interview 17.06.2016 Australia

Incorporating both human expertise and know-how along with technological prowess, Akrom is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in resources and energy, helping partners identify opportunities to optimize

Interview: Lisa Scaffidi – Lord Mayor of Perth, Australia

Interview 10.06.2016 Australia

With a series of exciting new civil projects, including the Elizabeth Quay, the Foreshore, and the Link Project, Perth has come into itself, maturing into a vibrant, 21st century city. Ms. Lisa Scaffidi,

Cube Offshore Australia

Companie 10.06.2016 Australia

Cube Offshore provides engineering concepts, designs, analysis, lift certification, fabrication and offshore construction of permanent and temporary structural / mechanical components to help optimize

Interview: Andrew Mahaffy – Managing Director; David King – Technical Director, Cube Offshore, Australia

Interview 10.06.2016 Australia

Cube Offshore offers innovative engineering design, analytical capability and project management based on extensive experience of onshore fabrication, offshore construction and operations. GM and Founder,

Chiyoda Australia

Companie 10.06.2016 Australia

Chiyoda Corporation is the world’s No. 1 LNG contractor, building plants that produce more than 40% of worldwide liquefaction capacity. All the LNG plants delivered by Chiyoda have proven to be of excellent

Interview: Andrew Tan – Acting MD/GM, Chiyoda, Australia

Interview 10.06.2016 Australia

Andrew Tan explains how Chiyoda, which has been building LNG plants in 40 different countries representing more than 40% of worldwide liquefaction capacity, is leveraging the breadth of their LNG expertise

IFS Australia

Companie 10.06.2016 Australia

IFS, one of the world’s leading suppliers of business software, offers applications that enable companies to respond quickly to market changes and use resources in a more agile way to achieve better

Interview: Rob Stummer – Managing Director, IFS Australia

Interview 10.06.2016 Australia

IFS Australia Managing Director, Rob Stummer shares how IFS brings innovative solutions to oil and gas customers, empowering them to remain at the forefront of technological changes in the market, and

APTS Australia

Companie 09.06.2016 Australia

Established in Western Australia in 2003, APTS is committed to service excellence, providing a comprehensive range of technical and engineering support products and services to a variety of industries