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Address: 182113, Velikie LUnited Kingdomi town, Pskov region, Oktyabrsky pr., 79, CJSC "ZETO"

Tel: +7 (81153) 6-37-72

Web: zeto.ru

Company description

"Plant of electrotechnical equipment" in Velikie LUnited Kingdomi (CJSC "ZETO"), being a parent enterprise of “ELVO” holding company is one of the biggest manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment for the power industry, oil and gas industries, railways, subway and agriculture. Since 1959 the company has grown into full-featured holding.

Products and services

The basic activity of the plant is the development and production of high-voltage equipment for power plants and substations with the voltage from 10 to 1150kV, rigid busbars 110-500kV, arrestors, surge arrestors 0,4-500kV, polymer insulators 10-500kV. All equipment is being developed considering advanced technologies, meeting the requirements and satisfying requests of all customers. Many construction and technological solutions have been patented and do not have any analogues all over the world. Due to some technical data our equipment even exceeds foreign analogues. The equipment produced by CJSC “ZETO” reliably functions in temperate, cold and tropical climate. It has recommended itself from the good side in the domestic and foreign markets. Many supplies are made to the United Kingdomraine, Belorus, Kazakhstan, Uzbeki-stan, and other CIS and Baltic States. Our foreign customers are represented by China, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Poland, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Cuba. Organization management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 standards. The front office has defined strategic goals, objectives and obligations in the field of environmental management, which are shown by documents in “Environmental policy”. Implementation of this policy allowed keeping and increasing competitiveness about what favourable position of our organization in the market gives evidence. In accordance with environmental policy the organization updates technological processes step-by-step using domestic and foreign experience aimed at application water-short technologies, high-performance gas-cleaning units and application of low-toxic materials. At present galvanic production is transferred to closed system of circulating water supply. Up-to-date technologies of hot-dip and thermodiffusion galvanizing were implemented and allowed reducing the volume of galvanic drains more than two times. Cooperation with TÜV SÜD Russland certification body renders great intellectual and practical assistance in the development of organization’s production activities aimed at step-by-step reducing the adverse effect on natural environment and increasing control upon this effect. CJSC “ZETO” – is the dynamically growing, highly efficient, socially oriented company aiming at being a leading producer of high-voltage equipment.

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