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Vitol Asia Pte Ltd.


Address: 260 Orchard Road, The Heeren #13-01, Singapore 238855

Tel: +65 6737 9922

Web: www.vitol.com

Company description

Vitol is thriving proof that a multi-billion dollar oil conglomerate does not have to be a lumbering corporate giant. Certainly, we are by any standards a major force in world energy trading. We ship over 300 million tonnes of energy products per year; we had revenues of around $143bn in 2009 and we offer 24-hour coverage of the world markets. We also couple physical resources with in-depth expertise in risk management. Founded in 1966 with the focused aim of trading oil and oil products, Vitol is still resolutely an independent company. We are unencumbered by external shareholders and the need to answer to analysts and investment funds. Instead, Vitol is a group of separate companies, each staffed by energy professionals with a true depth of experience in the business of oil transportation, market intelligence, refining, distribution, marketing, trading and finance. Our shareholders are our employees, and this fosters a true spirit of partnership internally: every facet of the business and its well-being is of fundamental importance to us all. We attract talented entrepreneurs who respond to the exciting opportunities that an independent company gives them. We’re strong, resourceful and adept at understanding and managing risk. We trust our people, and give them considerable responsibility. We make decisions quickly, with short chains of command. This, in turn, plays to long-standing partnerships with our customers, who look to Vitol for nimble thinking, creative solutions – and an unwavering commitment to reliability.

Products and services

At first glance, the Vitol Group seems like a major oil multinational. While this is true, it is only part of our story. We are a broadly based group of complementary businesses, engaged in a variety of commodity and financial dealings in the following range. Crude Oil Gasoline & Naphtha Fuel Oil Gas Oil & Jet LPG LNG Natural Gas Coal Power Carbon Emissions Shipping Derivatives Ethanol Chemicals & Methanol Non-ferrous Metals Sugar We complement this strength with a sophisticated financial team, drawing on long experience and knowledge to engineer innovative financial structures for the benefit of our clients. We also meet our clients’ insurance needs through our wholly owned subsidiary Anchor Insurance, offering an extensive portfolio of risk management tools. Our Oil Operations team members are physically located among our trading teams. They sit at the front line of the company, constantly up to speed with developments and called upon to make things happen at a moment’s notice. It speaks volumes about the ethos of our business: a dynamic trading desk is of no significance if we do not have the support system we need to deliver our promises. Once a deal has been struck by a trader, it sets in train a host of operational detail including administering contracts and letters of credit, assessing the quality of cargoes, invoicing, nominating vessels and appointing inspectors. Everything that affects a cargo arriving on time and on-specification affects Oil Operations. Our ability, resources and hedging capabilities also mean we can handle issues that others very often won’t; for example, buying an off-spec cargo, identifying its value, assessing it and blending it. We are also known for our ability to solve problems, such as the seemingly insurmountable logistical challenges created by the hurricane season in the Caribbean. At the heart of Oil Operations – and indeed every other function within Vitol – is our proprietary trading and operations system. Designed and built to our own best-in-class specification, this fully integrated MIS system is Vitol’s backbone, from trading and exposure reporting to P&L and risk management.

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