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Address: 115409, Moscow, Kashirskoye Highway 49

Tel: +7 495 988-8282

Web: www.tvel.ru

Company description

TVEL Fuel Company is a division of Rosatom State Corporation. Basic activities of the TVEL Fuel Company are focused on development, fabrication and sales (including export sales) of nuclear fuel and associated nonnuclear products. TVEL includes large Russian Federationn enterprises that specialize in fabrication, supply and scientific and engineering support of nuclear fuel operation at NPPs of Russian Federation and both near and far abroad countries. Among the affiliated companies of TVEL there are enterprises producing gas centrifuges, separating and sublimation and fuel fabrication plants. TVEL completely meets the needs in nuclear fuel of Russian Federation atomic energy sector. All Russian Federationn NPPs, research reactors and navy transport plants use fuel of TVEL. Nowadays nuclear fuel of TVEL, JCS is applied at NPPs of Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. Fuel Company enterprises manufacture fuel for nuclear power plants of China, India and Iran. In total, TVEL, JSC provides for the needs of 76 power reactors in Russian Federation, and in 15 European and Asian countries (17% of the world market), as well as for 30 research reactors throughout the world. Besides its main product, nuclear fuel, TVEL supplies Russian Federationn markets with such nonnuclear production as zirconium, lithium, calcium and other materials.


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