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Address: Av. Presidente Vargas nº 328 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Tel: +55-21-3211-7204

Web: www.transpetro.com.br

Company description

The largest shipbuilder of Latin America and the main logistics and fuel transportation company of Brazil, Petrobras Transporte S.A. – Transpetro works with transportation and storage activities of oil and byproducts, ethanol, biofuels and natural gas. The company, a fully-owned subsidiary of Petrobras, was established on June 12th 1998, as per legislation (Act no. 9.478/1997) which restructured the oil sector in Brazil. Transpetro main goal is to grow and help boost the development in Brazil, aligned with Petrobras System business strategy. Transpetro is responsible for a network of invisible roads formed by more than 13 thoUnited States of Americand km of pipelines - among oil and gas pipelines - which interconnect all Brazilian regions and supply the most remote parts of the Country. The pipeline network is connected to terminals and an oil tankers’ fleet, uniting production, refining and distribution areas of Petrobras and acting in the import and export of oil and byproducts, of biofuels and natural gas.

Products and services

Transpetro stores and transports petrol and its derivates, biofuels and natural gas to the remotest locations in Brazil. The Company is generally acknowledged as the biggest processor of natural gas in the country, with processing capacity of almost 15 million m³/day and, at 2011, 23 million m³/day . These gigantic operations make Transpetro the biggest shipping company in Latin America, leader in the area of fuel transport logistics. Billions of liters of fuel flow annually through a network of 7.178 km of pipes, 6.641 mil km of gas pipelines, 20 land terminals, 27 waterway terminals and a fleet of 52 tanker ships. Transpetro moves the energy that is indispensable to Brazil’s development, and contributes with its experience in other countries. In Argentina, for example, Transpetro offers consulting in sea transports, ducts and terminals through an agreement entered into along with Petrobras Energia S.A. (Pesa). Also in the international market, Transpetro works through Fronape International Company in the transport and storage of fuels.

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