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The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC)



The Australian Energy Market Commission was established in 2005 by the Council of Australian Governments as part of new governance arrangements to oversee the nation’s main energy markets.

Our role is to make rules which govern the electricity and natural gas markets, including the retail elements of those markets. In addition we support the development of these markets by providing advice to the Standing Council on Energy and Resources.

The objective of the AEMC’s work is to promote efficient, reliable and secure energy markets which serve the long-term interests of consumers.  All aspects of our work reflect the view that effective competition at wholesale and retail levels, together with appropriate regulation for network services is the best way to deliver efficient, reliable and safe energy for consumers.

Our strategic priorities are:

Strengthening consumer participation and continuing to promote competitive retail markets. Our consumer priority recognises the changing role of consumers in energy markets. Empowered consumers can benefit from, and contribute to, the effective functioning of the electricity and gas sectors.

Promoting the development of efficient gas markets. Our gas priority considers whether the gas market and regulatory frameworks will continue to promote the efficient allocation of gas and investment in gas infrastructure, in light of the developing LNG export industry.

Market arrangements that encourage efficient investment and flexibility.  Our market priority emphasises the importance of market and regulatory arrangements that are predictable, transparent and responsive to changing market and external circumstances.

The AEMC is a member of the International Confederation of Energy Regulators, which provides a framework for cooperation between energy regulators around the world on global issues affecting energy markets.


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