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T.D. Williamson China


Address: Room 1021, Tower B COFCO Plaza No 8 Janguomen Nei Ave 100021

Tel: +86-10-65245230

Web: www.tdwilliamson.com

Company description

T.D. Williamson (China) was established in July 1999. It has its main office in Beijing, and office & service facility in Shanghai.

Products and services

Today, as the leading international piping maintenance company, TDW China offers the following products and services to its customer in China: • Hot Tapping and Plugging Equipment Package • Hot Tapping and Plugging Service of Under-Pressure Piping Systems • Pigging Products • Pipeline Cleaning Services • KALIPER Geometry Inspection • MFL In-Line Inspection • Gas Leak Detection Products • Leak Repair Clamps and Composite Repair Wrap • Remote controlled offshore pipeline pressure isolation service

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