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SNG Alliance

Address: Ave Marshal ZhUnited Kingdomov, 43 K.3 Москва, 123308, Россия Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (495) 637-6550

Web: www.snga.ru

Company description

Stroyneftegaz Alliance was established in 2003 as a single structure, comprising a number of large companies successfully operating in the Russian Federationn market and specializing in the construction of the oil and gas industry all over the vast Russian Federationn territory, as well as planning and building facilities of civil engineering. Since 2004 the organization has successfully worked with leading oil and gas and steel companies of Russian Federation, consistently showing high growth rates. To date, Sng Alliance has more than three decades of experience mastering the northern lands and ten-year experience in construction and reconstruction of residential buildings. From previous and current projects it becomes clear SNG Alliance's participation in the construction of projects of national importance such as Urengoiskoye, Yamburgskoye and Zapolyarnoye gas condensate fields.

Products and services

SNG Alliance builds and rehabilitates: main and field pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pumping stations, gas compressor stations, installations of gas and oil production, as well as builds and rehabilitates facilities for civilian use. Having a great potential, SNG Alliance can builds its industrial strategy on the long-term basis. Having their own vehicle fleet and construction equipment in Moscow and other regions of Russian Federation makes services more efficient and mobile, and construction process continuous

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