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Santo Antonio Energia


Address: Avenida Nações Unidas, 4777, Alto de Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP

Tel: (11) 3702-2784

Santo Antonio EnergiaSanto Antônio Energia is the concessionaire responsible for building and operating the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant–one of the first major Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) projects to begin operations. A concessionaire was created with a challenge: installing one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the Legal Amazon area, taking maximum advantage of the Madeira River’s hydro-power potential while respecting local communities and the environment.

Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant will be one of the five largest generators of Brazil and one of the 15 largest hydroelectric plants in the world, presenting the best relation between megawatt ( MW ) generated x reservoir area : 9MW/km ². It will have 3,568 megawatts of installed capacity and will produce an average of 2,364 megawatts in November 2016, when construction is completed. Will be 50 units in total, each one with an average power of 71.3 megawatts.


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