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PICO Cheiron Egypt



PICO Cheiron Group is an independent E&P company focusing on revitalizing and optimizing production in mature oil and gas fields with operations spanning the full spectrum of the oil and gas upstream activity — from near field exploration to full field development, planning and production. Using technical expertise, a controlled cost base, and a focused approach on key value domains, PICO Cheiron manages to unlock value in mature fields with declining production rates.

PICO Cheiron is part of the PICO Group of companies, a collection of fully independent, highly technical and specialized entities, operating in a diverse range of markets, including agriculture, consumer foods, energy and real estate. Each company has its own management team, financial structure, growth path and focus for value creation.


7 Road 150, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +20 2 23591990

Website: http://picocheiron.com/

Email: info@picocheiron.com


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