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United Kingdom

Company description

Petrotechnics was founded with a vision to keep more people safe in hazardous industries. Organisations in hazardous industries have one overriding objective; deliver performance in a responsible & sustainable manner. Stakeholder expectations of operational performance have never been higher as the consequences of getting it wrong are significant, so it’s understandable operational performance is a board level challenge. We provide scalable solutions and tools that empower organisations in hazardous industries from the boardroom to the frontline to proactively manage the organisation to a less risky and more optimised performance. Organisations can standardise their approaches, improve how work is executed on a day to day basis and ensure frontline work processes can be intelligently integrated, embedded, automated and managed, and that the strategic intent of policies is delivered into operational practice. As work is being carried out according to policy, contextual data & role specific metrics are automatically captured as part of routine processes, providing meaningful insight and unparalleled operational intelligence. This empowers structured decision making, improving competencies and capabilities to proactively balance workload against risk and enhance overall performance. For the first time, operational leaders can start to understand and proactively manage the relationship between performance and risk, and drive continuous improvements across the enterprise.


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