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PetroChina International Companies in Indonesia


Address: GEDUNG MENARA KUNINGAN 17th-27th Floor, Jl. Hr. Rasuna Said Blok X/7 Kav 5 Jakarta 12940

Tel: +62 (021) 57945300

Web: www.petrochina.co.id

Company description

PetroChina Company Limited was established as a joint stock company with limited liability under the Company Law of the Republic of China on November 5, 1999, as part of the restructuring of China National Petroleum Corporation. As one ot the largest oil and gas companies in the PRC in ther of sales, PetroChina is engaged in a broad range of petroleum and natural gas-related activities. Petrochina has grouped its operations into four divisions. These include: * Exploration, development, production and sale of crude oil and natural gas; * Refinining, transportation, storage and marketing of crude oil and petroleum products; * Production and sale of basic petrochemical products, derivative chemical products and others chemical products; and * Transmission of natural gas and crude oil, as well as the sale of natural gas.


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