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Address: Luis Aldana 320 - San Borja

Tel: (511) 617-1800

Web: www.perupetro.com.pe

Company description

The state agency Perupetro S.A. was created on November 18, 1993 (law No. 26221) to be responsible for promoting investments for hydrocarbon exploration and production in the country. Perupetro negotiates, signs, and administers hydrocarbon contracts, for which PETROPERU must compete with private firms as well. In 2006, PETROPERU invested $4.5 billion in the hydrocarbon sector.

Products and services

Peru's state hydrocarbons promotion agency Perupetro is responsible for attracting private investors to the country's oil and gas industry organizing bidding rounds and inspecting the sector's activities according to the contracts and rules that regulate the industry. It also advices the Ministry of Energy and Mining on the appropriate policies to be formulated to the sustainable development of the sector.

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