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Address: P.O. Box 90 Moscow, 109004, Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 912 6344

Web: www.pangea.ru

Company description

PANGEA Company is the leading Russian Federationn developer of high-technology software systems for geophysical and geological data processing, interpretation, and modeling used in oil&gas industry. Major company activities are software development, selling, and support along with consulting services. Almost all Russian Federationn oil companies and Chinese oilfields are customers of MDI software or services. PANGEA has been developing the breakthrough Multi-D Interpretation® technology since 1994. The technology allows integrating seismic, gravity, magnetic, and satellite imaging information with well logging and geological data into geological model of a prospect or reservoir. The technology is incorporating the best achievements of Soviet and Russian Federationn geophysical school. Many famous Russian Federationn geophysicists and geologists are our partners and consultants. Their ideas and algorithms become the new modules of Multi-D Interpretation® software. PANGEA technologies were developed through years of research and practical application in all Russian Federationn oil provinces and in many foreign countries (totally more than 80 successful case studies at different stages of oil&gas fields prospecting, exploration, and development).

Products and services

Multi-D Interpretation ® is based on joint inversion of several seismic or non-seismic attributes into one qualitative or quantitative reservoir parameter. Multi-D software contains modules for attributes extraction, best Multi-D attributes choosing, qualitative and quantitative properties computation. The term Multi-D attribute means a set of initial and transformed maps, 3D cubes or sections. The set includes the geophysical data related to a geological feature. The relationship is established by algorithms of MDI software or assumed by the user. Formally, the number of maps (or 3D cubes, or sections) is unlimited and may be equal to one hundred and more. Most frequently the number is from three to ten. The examples of transformed data useful for reservoir characteristics prediction are seismic attributes sections, 3G cubes or maps, gravity gradient, residuals of structure maps etc. Multi-D Interpretation Software System can be licensed in different configurations depending on customers problems and users number. It consists of two comprehensive packages Certainty and ReView for areal and profile data interpretation, correspondingly. The packages contain tools for comparing and integrating of results obtained. PANGEA started services aiming at optimization of geological risks in 1994. We use both industry-standard techniques and advanced software & services developed by our company and other reputed international companies. PANGEA technologies result from tens years of researches and application in all oil provinces throughout Russian Federation and in many countries outside. The experience is collected from more than 150 successful projects on oil & gas fields prospecting, exploration and development. For exploration, asset evaluation, reserves estimation and geological risks analysis PANGEA offers: global database and data mining system NEDRA probability of success prediction with Certainty software For better wildcats planning we successfully apply: Surface geochemical surveying (SGE) EM surveying Seismic velocity analysis Seismic processing and interpretation of old and new data. Seismic acquisition Completion certificates Exploration and development drilling brings better results after integrating of all available G&G data in MDI software system including: petrophysical and analysis module PetroExpert seismic interpretation package ReView prediction toolkit Certainty

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