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Address: Rua da Quitanda 196 - Centro; 20091-005 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Tel: (+21) 2203-9400

ONSThe Electric System National Operator is an entity of private right, non-profitable, created on 26 August 1998, responsible for coordinating and controlling the operation of generation and transmission facilities in the National interconnected Power System (NIPS) under supervision and regulation of the Electric Energy National Agency (ANEEL). The Operator is composed of associate members and participating members.

The activities performed by the Electric System National Operator produce benefits for all the sector agents. It also has effects on consumers and, more generally, on society as a whole. Some key benefits that ONS provides are: Optimization of generation resources and reliability in the use of the transmission grid, guarantee of free access to the basic transmission grid for the purchase and sale of energy, provision of reliable and updated information on the operation of the NIPS and technical and economic signalization of future supply conditions and feasibility of a sound electricity market, acting with integrity, transparence and equity in the technical relationship with the agents.


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