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Norte Energia


Address: SCN Quadra 4 Bloco B Rooms 904 and 1004, Business center Varig CEP 70714-900 Brasília - DF

Tel: (61) 3410-2000

norte energiaNorte Energia S.A., made up of state and private companies in the electrical, contracting, pension funds and investment sectors, as well as self-generating companies, will sign a contract for commercializing the electrical energy within a regulated environment, with the distribution concessionaires, at the sum of R$62 billion, relating to the supply of 795 million MWh. Estimated at beginning its operations on December 31, 2014 and commercializing its services by February 2015, Belo Monte will be the largest hydroelectric dam that is 100 percent Brazilian and the third largest in the world. Its construction should generate close to 20 thousand jobs during the peak of its construction.

The Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam Complex will have an installed capacity of 11,233.1 MW of power and a previewed annual generation of 38,790,156 MWh or 4,571 MW on average with a 503 km2 reservoir. The completion of the project is estimated at 10 years and beginning operations of the last machine by January 31, 2019.


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