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N-Sea Group – Netherlands


N-Sea LogoN-Sea, offshore contractor and specialist in survey and IMR (Inspection, Maintenance, Repair) provides effective and cost-efficient solutions to subsea infrastructure and assets to meet the needs of the international oil and gas and renewable industry. Delivering subsea: from inspections through to maintenance management to decommissioning, taking into account a safe environment.

N-Sea supports customers operating their maritime infrastructure, such as oil and gas platforms, pipelines, cables, windmill farms and their maritime civil infrastructure. Our survey and inspection services help assess the state of these assets. N-Sea also installs, inspects, repairs and maintains infrastructures throughout their entire lifecycle.

Contact Details
Industrieweg 29
4301 RS  Zierikzee
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31(0)111 456000
Fax: +31(0)111 456001
Email: info@n-sea.com


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