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Municipality of Esbjerg


Address: Esbjerg Kommune Torvegade 74 6700 Esbjerg

Tel: +45 0045 76 16 16 16

Web: http://www.esbjergkommune.dk/

Company description

With multi-billion investments in roads, rail, commercial land, education and research, Esbjerg Municipality fully exploits the tremendous growth opportunities in the energy of the ocean and bioenergy systems. Esbjerg is Denmark's future energy capital. Based on decades of dominant position in the oil and gas and almost ten years of building knowledge and experience in establishing offshore wind farms, Esbjerg is grasping the opportunities for growth in several energy sectors.

Products and services

Under the common name, Energy Metropol - Esbjerg Municipality, the municipality intends to work closely with Esbjerg Business to expand its unique position in energy and energy technology. The strategy targerts both potential customers in the energy sector internationally and businesses and decision-makers nationally, and the process is conducted in close cooperation with the city's businesses, knowledge institutions and universities.

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