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Marin Group

United Kingdom

Company description

Marin Group is a provider of full ocean depth excavation, recovery and decommissioning services to the oil, gas and renewables sectors worldwide. Marin delivers one-stop integrated subsea intervention and support, working in the world's most hazardous environments from bases in the UK, Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, South America, and Middle East. Their track record as the pioneers of non-contact high-volume (mass-flow) excavation distinguishes the company apart as world-winning innovators and the business can apply its next-generation Evo Systems JetProp Excavation tooling and exclusive shearing and debris recovery technology to a broad scope of work. The company also offers unique 24/7 deepwater dropped asset and BOP recovery service and a competitive offshore and onshore riser management and storage service. Marin Group is one of the energy industry's first choice for full ocean depth excavation, recovery, decommissioning, deepwater troubleshooting, drilling and offshore support. Marin has a global presence with specialist teams readily available at short notice for emergency callouts. Marin’s range of tooling is versatile and its businesses deliver complete solutions on complex projects in the toughest of locations globally.



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