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South Africa

Address: 46 Kindon Road Robertsham Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)11 680-2005

Web: http://www.edx.co.za/MiniWebs2010/mw.aspx/lvsa

Company description

LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD with more than 20 years global experience not only supplies carbon alloy and stainless steel valves, pipes, components and engineering services but also provides the total solutions package. LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD people know the business inside out it’s not just about how much specialty material you need to it’s also about what you want to achieve. Today’s global market demands ever shorter lead times. LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD lead from the front providing the fast and flexible response required by the world’s main players in the energy infrastructure industries. LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD worldwide resources of premium carbon alloy valves, pipes, components and engineering services, coupled with an unmatched transportation infrastructure keep LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD customers at the leading edge. Lvsa Group believes together we can make it happen. LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD is the result of many divisions namely Valves, Pipes, Fitting, Flanges, Steam and Engineering Services. Each with a rich history of providing specialised Products, Services, Logistics and Distribution to the Global Energy Infrastructure Industries. Sharing a service and solutions-focused philosophy, the combined force that is now LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD brings our customers a deep and broad knowledge gained through more than 20 years experience in the markets Lvsa Group serves along with a unique ability to provide fully integrated solution for LVSA VALVES (PTY) LTD clients and suppliers including ancillary services.

Products and services

Industrial Valves, Modification shop engineering support, Technical and Inventory support for projects

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