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Kreber – Netherlands


logoWe specialize in designing, manufacturing and modifying tailored machines and equipment. We are familiar with the maritime & offshore industry, the chemical industry and the food processing industry. Kreber strives for long term relationships with producers and end users who foster a strong focus on innovation.  As an innovative technology partner our mission is to relieve our customers of the burden of developing, manufacturing, modifying, testing and integrating machinery necessary for the realization of their mission. Kreber not only supplies the manufacturing capacity but emphasizes on knowledge, product and component development for producers and end users.

We carry the full responsibility for the functioning of the machinery that we design to achieve your output requirements. We are able to design, manufacture and test prototypes, complete with 3D engineering, (FEM) calculations and vendor data documentation. Our expertise can be categorized in the fields below:

  • High powered machinery 
  • High pressure machinery
  • High speed machinery
  • Modularization of machinery
  • Integration of functions of machinery  
  • Renovation/ modification of machinery (in accordance with CE declaration/ machine directive)

Contact Details
Kon. Wilhelminahaven ZZ 25
3134 KG Vlaardingen,
Havennummer 651
the Netherlands
tel: +31 (0) 10 248 02 22
Email: info@kreber.nl


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