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Address: MSL Building 27 Ubi Road 4, #03-01, 408618.

Tel: +65 6841 2015

Web: http://www.geokinetics.com/

Company description

Geokinetics Inc., is a leading geophysical service company offering a broad range of specialized geophysical services to the petroleum and mining industries, worldwide. Its services include land, shallow water OBC (ocean bottom cable) and TZ (transition zone) seismic data acquisition and advanced processing and interpretation services. The company has years of experience working in areas of diverse culture, extreme environmental sensitivity and areas with industrial variables. We have a clear understanding of these issues and how they contribute to some of the specific challenges and complexities of the projects we undertake. Geokinetics has comprehensive global resources with in-depth expertise and experience operating in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Hemisphere and Asia Pacific regions. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, the company has offices in 15 different countries around the world, with major regional offices in Canada, Colombia, Brazil, United Kingdom and Singapore. In all events, we will offer the most innovative, cost effective and efficient acquisition and processing solutions to exceed your geophysical objectives. Seismic data is arguably the principal technology used by oil and gas companies to find new reserves and exploit and develop existing resources. Our inventory of the most current acquisition and processing technology available, together with customized proprietary equipment and tools, experienced staff, and ability to respond swiftly to clients need, are major advantages of working with Geokinetics. We have years of experience working around the globe on projects in some of the most operationally diverse environments. We can confidently say we are able to acquire and process your next seismic program for you too. We have the people who can work through the challenges and generate innovative solutions for the acquisition and processing of clear, high quality data in a safe, considerate, efficient and timely manner.

Products and services

Processing & Interpretation Seismic Services Acquisition Multi - Cliend Services

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