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Address: Nametkina 16, Moscow

Tel: +7 (495) 719 30 01

Web: www.gazprom.ru

Company description

Gazprom is the world’s largest gas company focused on geological exploration, production, transmission, storage, processing and marketing of gas and other hydrocarbons. The state owns a 50.002% controlling stake of the company. In 2007 Gazprom’s capitalization grew to US $ 329.563 bln. In terms of market capitalization, the company entered the list of the three world’s largest energy companies after PetroChina (China) and ExxonMobil (United States of America). Gazprom possesses the world’s largest natural gas reserves. The Company’s share in the global and Russian Federationn gas stocks is 17% and 60% respectively, with its overall reserves estimated at 29.85 tcm and currently priced at US$ 182.5 bln. Gazprom’s share in the global and Russian Federationn gas production is nearly 20% and 85% respectively. Production in 2007 totalled 548.6 bcm. Gazprom owns the world’s largest gas transmission system – the Unified Gas Supply System of Russian Federation stretching for 156.9 thoUnited States of Americand km. Gazprom Group also services 514,200 km (80%) of the national gas distribution pipelines. Gazprom exports gas to 32 countries within and beyond the FSU.


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