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GasTerra – Netherlands


LogoGasTerraPayoff_RGBGasTerra BV’s mission is to maximise the value of natural gas reserves in the Netherlands. It is an international company trading in natural gas from its premises at Stationsweg 1 in Groningen. It operates on the European energy market and accounts for a significant share of the Dutch gas supply. The company also provides services related to gas trading. The company has a strong purchasing position and almost fifty years of experience in natural gas procurement and sales.

GasTerra plays an important role in the utilisation of domestic gas reserves and energy supply in the Netherlands and the European Union by virtue of natural gas’ economic value and public importance. GasTerra promotes the safe and efficient use of natural gas and is active in the development of innovative applications. The company pays particular attention to energy supply sustainability and initiates various related projects.

Contact Details
Stationsweg 1
9726 AC Groningen
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)50 364 8648
F +31 (0)50 364 8600


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