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Address: R. Chapter Faustino Lima, 134, Brás, São Paulo Brazil

Tel: (11) 3325-6600

Comgas Natural LogoComgas is Brazil‘s biggest gas distributor, with around 770,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers, as of 2004, who receive gas through about 5,400 kilometres (3,400 mi) of pipelines. Comgás was founded in 1872. The company had been wholly owned by the São Paulo state-owned power generation utility, Companhia Energética de São Paulo until April 1999, when CESP’s stake was sold to the British BG Group and to Royal Dutch Shell. Comgas sells gas under a 30 year franchise, with a potential for a further 20 years.

Comgas’ network comprises more than 4,800 kilometres of pipelines that deliver natural gas to over 1,000,000 residential, retail and industrial customers in 57 cities. Its concession area comprises 177 municipalities in metropolitan São Paulo, metropolitan Campinas, the coastal area around Santos (Baixada Santista) and the Paraíba Valley, accounting for about a quarter of Brazil’s gross domestic product (GDP).


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