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British Embassy of Norway


Address: Thomas Heftyes gate 8, 0244 Oslo, Norway

Tel: +47 23 13 27 00

Web: http://ukinnorway.fco.gov.uk/en/

Company description

Norway is one of the United Kingdom's closest allies. We co-operate closely across a wide range of government policy and British and Norwegian Ministers are in regular contact.

Products and services

We offer: Travel Advice for visitors to Norway: please see our travel advice pages on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. Assistance to British Nationals: contact the Embassy if you are the victim of a crime, if you fall ill, if someone close to you dies in Norway, or suffers other serious misfortune. Please see our information on Help for British Nationals for more information or visit the website of the Foreign and Commonweath Office in London. Passports and Visas: please see our Passport and Visa pages for more information. Legalisation Services: Our legalisation office has just relocated, please see our Legalisation pages for further information about our services. Business Support: Our Trade and Investment Department assists both British companies seeking to export goods or services to Norway and Norwegian companies looking to source products from the United Kingdom. Contact us or visit United Kingdom Trade & Investment; Investment

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