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Bristol Group

Address: 123317, Moscow Presnenskaya embankment, 12 “Moscow City” Moscow International Business Center ”Federation” Business Complex “West” Tower, 43rd storey

Tel: +7 (495) 653-85-00

Web: http://gk-bristol.com/

Company description

Bristol Group of Companies is a group of specialized companies working in the same sphere and controlled by the same management and coordination center so to offer integrated solutions for designing, construction, engineering, utility systems, heat and electricity supply.

Products and services

Bristol Group of Companies today: compliance with ISO 9001:2008; extensive network of branch offices and service centers; up-to-date production and technical complex; private fleet of trucks, cars and special vehicles; construction and commissioning of ready-to-operate facilities; high quality of the provided service and work; authorized representation of the world’s leaders in construction and power supply; perfect performance of the supplied equipment; international warranty for all equipment; permanent search and introduction of innovative technologies and solutions

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