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Address: Paulista Avenue, 1313-7 floor 01311-923 - São Paulo - SP

Tel: 55 11 2175-0000

Abinee Brazil LogoABINEE is a not for profit organization with the purpose of representing the Brazilian electrical and electronic industrial sector, having its board of directors elected directly from its associate member companies and seating for a 4 years term of office.

Founded in September 1963 ABINEE has among its approximate 650 members, small and large Brazilian and foreign companies.

The importance of ABINEE as a trade association comes directly from the significance to the Brazilian economy of the electrical and electronic industrial sector and by the effective participation and direct involvement of its members in ABINEE’s activities.

ABINEE’s head office is located in the city of São Paulo. Its nationwide coverage is achieved through regional offices and management located in the states of Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, and Rio Grande do Sul, in the Northeast and Brasília.

Due to the diversity of the products represented, its member companies with similar product lines are brought together under the association’s structure of individual Directories representing distinct segments.

Supported by a permanent staff of engineers, economists, lawyers, business administrators and foreign trade specialists, ABINEE offers its members a number of services in many different areas.



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