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with Xu Ding Jiao, Chairman, Copower

14.06.2012 / Energyboardroom

Mr. Jiao, you have a similar background to Mr. Huang from HBP. You worked for state-owned oil companies before deciding to do your own business as well as Mr. Huang. He said he felt limited when working in the state-owned system so he established a private company and enjoyed the freedom of innovation. So what was your motivation when leaving the state-owned enterprise and establishing Copower?

I decided to found Copower in light of the market demand. In 1996, there was no private oil and gas service provider. I saw the potencial opportunity and was ready to face the challenges.
At first, we met a lot of barriers and failures, from the respects of talents, technologies, marketing and cash flow, etc. most of them arise from the system of this industry. Copower has spent 16 years dealing with those challenges, and today, we can say proudly: “we are strong now ane will have a bright future!
Every company in oil and gas industry around the world, no matter operating in exploration and production or engineering service, no matter working inside or outside, has to experience the process “something from nothing”, even if it is one of the top 500 companies. It is closely related to the social system, government policies and talent quality, so do private companies operating in our industry.

Since the opening and reform policy was published, Chinese economy has developed at a high and sustainable rate. So does the oil and gas industry.during this period of time, private companies have contributed a lot to this industry, especially the E&P in Changqing oilfield of PetroChina, Shaanxi Yanchang oilfield, and played an indispensible role in Ordos basin.

Now, Daqing oilfield is the largest one Within China. However, the productivity of Changqing oilfield of PetroChina has increased by 5 million tons per year for 5 years. It is going to be more productive than Daqing in 2 years. It would not happen if there were only state-owned enterprises. So private companies are really important.

Both state-owned and private companies operate in the market, and the capital cost declined thanks to the competition. I believe the development of world-class low permeability oilfield will present in front of our eyes in an amazing short time. Today, there are 10, 000 oil wells and more than 3,000 well equipments owned by private copanies in Ordos.

China is a big market for oil and gas. There are internal companies, including three state-owned and many private companies, besides, there are Shell, Total, Widford Oil and Schlumberger eastablishing bases in China. Every company will find its own position here and act as one of the players in Chinese resources E&P.

In 2010, Copower consolidated with Shlumberger and established Schlumberger-Copower limited company. Schlumberger presented its respect for Copower. Why do you believe it will choose Copower as its partner?

As I mentioned before, I established Copower 16 years ago, which was one of the private companies which were established earliest in China. We have recruited many talents and accumulated abundant experience in oilfield exploration and engineering technology service in 16 years, which made us one of the best players here. Schlumberger came here 30 years ago. It has witnessed the influence of private companies on Chinese companies and oil and gas area. At the same time, we have similar industry chain with Schlumberger in oil and gas exploration and production. What’s more important is that we have same goal. I believe we can promote each other and achieve win-win through cooperation.

The five year plan of Copower is two billion RMB annual revenue and going public overseas within 3 years. So what is your strategy to do this?

Copower is a comprehensive company and majoring in oil and gas field exploration and production and engineering technology service. Both of the two businesses will go public in future.

Now we have cooperated with Sinopec, CNPC and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum group on exploration and production. Copower started merger and acquisition in the USA and Angola. Our goal is to be international.

In past 4 years, Copower has established the strategic partnership with companies from a lot of countries, including some from Malaysia, South Korea and Swiss. We are enlarging our international business. Besides cooperating with Schlumberger, we have other area we want to dabble in. you may have heard, the shale gas reserve in China rank No.1 in the world. Some experts said it may support all chinese people for 300 years. I think service providers will be needed in such a big market.

Because of the increasing number of exploration and production overseas of Chinese companies, they need Chinese service companies to go outside. We are working on this and focused on how to maximize the value of these markets.

Now there is no large-sized private companies in oil and gas field exploration, production and service providing. In the long run, it matches national policies and market requirement for Copower to be a large-sized company. Today, we have overcome some technology limites and have a team of talents from BP, Schlumberger or ConocoPhillips.

You have improved your management ability through accumulating working experience and studied in Xi’an Jiaotong university on the MBA doctorate degree last year. What do you think is the key ability Chinese managers need to internationalize their companies?

First, we should understand our strategic goal of our company. Second, we should develop the company culture. Third, we should know how to learn, innovate and integrate. I think it is one important reason for Schlumberger to choose us as its partner that we have same goal and we pay attention to company culture. “Abiding by law, paying tax, fairness and social responsibility” is our objective. Shlumberger has more than 110 thousand employees from 85 countries with different nationalities and ethnic groups. I always put Company culture in the first position in managing Copower and work for it, to make sure that our employees understand our culture.

Sir, what is your final message to the readers of Oil anf Gas Financial Journal?

It is consistant with the current policies in China what you have interviewed and reported in oil and gas industry. Now it is time for us to be intenational!

Copower has a lot of experience of international cooperation. I am so sure that it will strengthen the relationship between those who want to be partner with us and Copower through participating this special report.


焦先生,您与中国私营油田设备公司北京华油惠博普集团总裁黄松先生有着类似的职业形象。 和您一样,黄先生之前为中国国家石油公司工作,后来才决定创业并进入私营行业。 他说他发现在国有体制下他的能力受到限制,并想要建立私营公司,以便有创新自由。 您从国有企业离开并建立长和的动力是什么?

我的决定是根据当时的市场环境做出的。 1996年,中国石油行业实际上还没有私营服务提供商。 我发现市场机遇有很大的潜力并决定接受挑战!
最初我们遇到了无数的障碍和挫折 – 包括人才、技术、市场渗透和资本相关方面 – 但大部分是由于本行业的体制造成。 长和采取了各种策略应对这些困难,经历了十六年的发展与沉淀,今天我们可以自豪地说:我们是一个强大的组织,有着光明的未来。

在您创立本公司的时候,中国石油和天然气行业的私营企业操作环境有怎样的变化? 您说在上世纪90年代,本行业的私营服务公司几乎没有。 今天,有众多的此类企业。 它们相对于国家石油公司的作用是什么?

全球石油和天然气行业的每家公司,不论其为勘探和开发或工程服务,不论其在国内或国际运营 – 即使是世界500强公司 – 都经历了从无到有、从小到大的发展过程。 其发展与社会体系、国家政策和人才质量密切相关。 我们行业运营的私营公司也是如此。


现在,大庆油田为中国石油最大的油田。 但是,中国石油的长庆油田已经连续5年年增长幅度在500万吨以上, 在未来两年,仅长庆油田的产量就将超过大庆。如果只有国有公司,则不可能达到这样的产量水平 – 私营公司扮演着重要的角色。

国有和私营公司都在市场运营,竞争机制使得资本成本与年递减,我们在惊人的短时间内会看到世界级低渗透率油田的发展。 今天,鄂尔多斯盆地有大约1万口油井 – 以及超过3000台钻井设备为私营公司所有。

石油天然气在中国是个巨大的市场,国内有三大石油公司以及众多的私营公司,另外壳牌、道达尔、威德福和斯伦贝谢等国际知名油服公司也进驻中国。 每家公司都可以在这里找到自己的位置,都可以成为中国资源开发的建设者。

2010年,长和与斯伦贝谢缔结联盟,建立了斯伦贝谢长和油田工程有限公司。 斯伦贝谢缔结此联盟清晰展示该世界最大的油田服务提供商对于长和的尊敬。 您为什么相信斯伦贝谢选择长和作为合作伙伴?

正如我之前提到的,我在16年前建立了长和,为第一批在本行业的私营公司。 16年年来我们在油气田勘探开发以及工程技术服务领域吸引了一批技术骨干并积累了丰富的工程和项目管理经验,使我们成为了行业中的佼佼者之一。 斯伦贝谢在中国有超过30年的历史,并已经看到了私营公司在中国经济增长以及石油天然气领域发挥的巨大作用,同时长和实业与 斯伦贝谢在油气田勘探开发以及工程服务领域有着相似的产业链条,更重要的是,我们合作双方有着相同的价值追求,我相信以合资公司为平台,我们合作双方可以相互促进,最终实现双赢。

长和的五年计划为达到20亿人民币的年营业额的目标并在三年内在海外上市。 您实现以上目标的增长策略是什么?



在过去4年中,长和与世界各地的公司建立了战略合作伙伴关系,包括马来西亚、韩国和瑞士等不同国家的公司和组织。 我们正在逐步扩大国际业务。就油田工程技术服务来说,除和斯伦贝谢合作以外,我们还有几个感兴趣的领域。 你可能已经听说,中国页岩气储量世界第一,专家估计其储量可以支持中国当前人口超过300年。 在这个巨大的市场,服务提供商将会有很大的需求。

而且,由于中国国有和私营公司海外项目的增加,也需要中国的服务公司进行海外项目的操作。 一些最好的市场已经在我们的组合之中,长和所关注的是怎样开发并最大化利用该类市场。

现在中国在油气田勘探与开发以及服务领域还没有大型私营公司。 长远来看,长和成为真正大型公司的目标与国家政策和市场条件都相吻合。 今天,我们已经克服了技术限制,有着曾经在全球组织,如英国石油、斯伦贝谢、和康诺克工作的国际员工团队。

您通过职业经历持续提高管理能力,并就在去年进行了西安交大工商管理博士学位的学习。 您认为今天中国经理人为使其公司全球化所需的关键素质是什么?
首先,应该对企业的战略目标有着清晰的定位,其次必须搞活企业文化,最后必须具备很强的学习、创新和整合力。 我相信我们相同的价值追求以及我们注重企业文化是斯伦贝谢选择长和作为合作伙伴的原因之一。

“依法经营、照章纳税、公平公正、回馈社会”是 长和的经营宗旨,也符合斯伦贝谢本身的政策。另外斯伦贝谢在85多个国家有着不同国籍、不同民族超过11万员工,企业文化在其中发挥了重要作用。


中国石油和天然气行业的报道以及你在国内和国际范围内的国有和私营公司中所进行的采访与中国本行业开发的当前政策一致。 最重要的是,时机已经成熟!



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