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with Mustafa Kamil Thahir, President director, Aditya Nugraha Pratama (ANP)

11.10.2007 / Energyboardroom

What was the vision behind the creation of ANP in 2002, and how has it become such a highly diversified company in Indonesia’s energy sector?

Creating my own company is one of my biggest dreams in life. I took this fundamental decision after working for 17 years for a company in the field of engineering and contracting. Initially, the focus was on downstream activities and ANP became the agent for UOP-LLC, the American company that has designed 85% of Indonesia’s refineries and supplies their catalysts and chemicals to Pertamina.

Very soon I saw a new opportunity in the area of oil trading, since Indonesia became a net importer of crude oil and Pertamina only gets 70% of its import requirements through direct negotiation with its producers, leaving the rest to market auctions. ANP to support our strategic partner to supply crude oil and petroleum products to Pertamina’s in Indonesia. Building on this business and my long relationship with Pertamina and other PSC (Production Sharing Contract) companies, I also decided to get into the business of selling some of their oil products in export markets, particularly China and India. ANP to support our strategic partner has experience also in trading Pertamina lube base oil as raw materials of lubricant, and more recently launched also own brand of lubricant called Perri.

Recently in Indonesia there has also a major change in the downstream oil market, brought about by the liberalization of the sector previously dominated by a Pertamina monopoly. This has encouraged me to get in the oil distribution business, not for the retail segment, but rather for industries through bulk delivery of their fossil fuel needs. ANP to support our strategic partner to supply petroleum products direct to the end user. Regarding ANP’s business in design engineering, our expertise is in the area of LPG recovery, for which we have designed our own capture mechanism which allow an E&P company to supply gas for domestic consumption.

What are your plans and expectations for the exploration and production activities recently assumed by ANP as a part of its incursion into upstream?

After several years of successful growth in the trading business, I decided to take a chance in the field of exploration and production. In March 2007, ANP Energy together with our strategic partner was awarded the offshore Lampung 1 PSC by upstream regulator BP Migas and is currently in the exploration phase with hopes of passing to development in the future. This is a potentially a very lucrative business, but also entails high risk, so for now we are concentrating on the fields we have and will see what happens next. In the E&P sector ANP is still very small but my dream is to grow and achieve important things. Of course we will not succeed alone, in a business like E&P it is essential to develop partnerships and in order to share risk and grow together.

How do you handle a company which is at the same time relatively small yet made up of affiliates spanning very different segments of the O&G industry?

I assign someone to manage each of ANP’s different activities, except the oil product trading business which requires a close relationship with the partners, therefore I handle it myself. Concerning the other areas, I come up with the idea and set the strategy, and entrust someone of my complete trust to develop them.

Where do you see potential new opportunities for ANP towards the future?

I am seriously considering business opportunities in petrochemicals, because I have been following the sector closely and estimate that Pertamina will have excess capacity that can serve for this purpose. Another prospective activity is in supplying fuel for the aviation industry, which is one of the new opportunities opened by the downstream liberalization process. ANP to support our strategic partner and has been discussing with a Spanish company specialized in fuel for aviation in order to assess the possibilities of offering an alternative to Pertamina in this lucrative segment.

You know Pertamina very well, based on your previous experience and your current partnerships in both downstream and upstream business lines. How do you assess Pertamina’s transition towards becoming a truly business-oriented oil company?

I am very optimistic about Pertamina’s future. The company has opened up and is taking a much more professional approach in all of their business lines. In the refining area they are undertaking big projects in order to revamp the facilities in Cilacap and also Balongan to produce high-grade lubricants in Dumai.

How are you positioning ANP on the Indonesian O&G scene? What are the keys to making a successful company in the current context?

ANP is a relatively new company and still small compared other players on the market. Creating this company has been a dream for me, and the fact that I named it after my eldest son Aditya Nugraha keeps me extra motivated to make it a success. In order to do this, I believe that two things are essential: focus on the target and love for the job. Being successful depends only about 15% on knowledge, and the remaining 85% is determined by your attitude towards the business. It is important to maintain a focused and positive attitude at all times, especially when facing difficulties. With a right attitude and good preparation, I am capable of talking on the same level as any of my partners in the O&G sector, no matter how high up they are. Of course, ANP’s success does not depend on me alone, it needs the support of the loyal and capable people which make up my team.

What final message would you like to send to OGFJ’s readers about Aditya Nugraha Pratama and how it reflects your personal take on life?

I am determined to make ANP grow and be successful, but in my view this can only truly go hand in hand with the general well-being of those around me. This means creating benefits not only for the company, but also for the clients, partners and employees. I am also the head of foundation which is being developed a national plus and religious school since almost 3 years ago, with the total 138 students from the children garden up to the year 3.

I believe that by special morning praying from 2 am to 4 am will improve our spiritual strength. This time goes by very fast and peacefully, and once I am finished my body and spirit are ready to begin a new day. This spiritual dimension has become an integral part of my life and is one of the keys to my personal and professional success.



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