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With over a thousand Interviews on leaders from Oil and Gas companies, in both upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and marketing, EnergyBoardroom will walk you through the path of development, where market regulators and the industry are in a constant dialogue to improve business.


Interview: Venancio Dias, Country Manager, Mokveld Valves Brazil

The country manager of Mokveld Valves in Brazil talks about the importance of considering total lifecycle costs, and what it takes to be a successful manager of a multinational service provider in the Brazilian market.   The company has been …


Interview: Renato Bertani, CEO, Barra Energia, Brazil

Renato Bertani, President of the World Petroleum Congress, sits down with EnergyBoardroom to discuss Barra Energia, of which he is also CEO, covering topics including risk spreading in Brazilian pre-salt and the pace of technological innovation in Brazil. What is …


Interview: Felipe Lopes, General Manager, Sotreq, Brazil

Felipe Lopes, Managing Director (Maritime section) of Sotreq, Brazil’s largest Caterpillar dealer, describes how their service excellence has gained business recognition and applaud in Brazil. He details Sotreq’s expansion strategy and how this fits in with the requirements of Brazil’s …


Interview: Patricia Tendrich Pires Coelho, Founder, Asgaard Navegacao, Brazil

Patricia Tendrich Pires Coelho, Founder of Asgaard Navegacao, details her vision for the company she founded, how quality is the mark of Asgaard Navegacao, and why this will make her ships competitive not only within Brazil, but also on a …


Interview: Luiz Braga, Vice President & Geomarket Director, Latin America, CGG, Brazil

Luiz Braga, Vice President and Regional Director Geomarket Latin America, describes the activities of CGG in Brazil, which are spearheaded by its BroadSeis technology. With a long history in the country, having been present since 1961, Luiz Braga illustrates his …


Interview: Daniel Del Rio, Country Manager, Westshore do Brazil

Daniel del Rio, Partner at Westshore do Brazil highlights his company’s efforts to bring further transparency to ship brokerage in Brazil. He describes the challenges of working in a market so dominated by one operator, yet also offers insight into …


Interview: Nilo Chagas de Azambuja Filho, HRT, Brazil

Nilo Chagas de Azambuja Filho discusses HRT Participacoes’ endeavors to restore its position as a forerunner in the Brazilian oil and gas sector. Despite struggling with a number of dry wells, the company’s new strategy has seen the acquisition of …


Interview: Antonio Augusto de Queiroz Galvão, Chairman, Queiroz Galvao Oil & Gas, Brazil

“Local content regulations will continue to promote and support development. It is very important not only to produce oil, but also to have personnel able to build the rigs, operate offshore and this can happen reasonably quickly.” Antonio Augusto de …


Interview: Renata Pereira, Executive Director, BRASCO, Brazil

Renata Pereira, Executive Director of Brasco, talks about the inherent challenges in building a logistical hub, the opportunity that Brazil’s natural offshore resources represent for the company stating that, “BRASCO is constantly monitoring the market, and anticipating where new openings …


Interview: Ronaldo M. De Oliveira, Commercial Director, CBO Brazil

Ronaldo Lima, Director of CBO talks about the company’s acquisition by the Fischer Group and the future for this exciting company. He describes the fundamentals of success the company has been built on over the years, its personnel, and how …


Interview: Paulo Lopes, Director, Valerus Geogas, Brazil

Paulo Lopes, Director of Valerus Geogas, describes the company’s success in rural locations, accessed by arduous journeys requiring innovative logistical solutions. He illustrates his company’s ingenious modular response, and how his company is assisting delivery of gas plants many times …


Interview: Adriano Novitsky, CEO Brazil Division subsea, Jose Jorge Araujo, SVP Latin America, Technip Brazil

Adriano Novitsky and Jose Jorge Araujo, CEO Brazil Division subsea and SVP Latin America of Technip, highlight factors that set Technip apart from its competitors, the company’s history in Brazil, and illustrate the bright path to the future they predict …




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