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With over a thousand Interviews on leaders from Oil and Gas companies, in both upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and marketing, EnergyBoardroom will walk you through the path of development, where market regulators and the industry are in a constant dialogue to improve business.


Interview: Sobantu Tilayi – Acting CEO, South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)

Sobantu Tilayi, acting CEO of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), shares his insights into the mandate of SAMSA to safeguard lives at sea, the maritime environment and also promote the country’s maritime interests, the key achievements they have …


Interview: Adrian Meerburg – Managing Director, Fairbrother Geotechnical Engineering, South Africa

Adrian Meerburg, managing director of Fairbrother Geotechnical Engineering, shares the company’s successful development from a one-man show in 1974, its significant service offerings within the geotechnical drilling and investigation space, their activities across the African continent, and his growth priorities …


Interview: Tanya Cohen – CEO, Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)

Tanya Cohen, CEO of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), the apex association representing organized business in South Africa, discusses the mandate of her first year in office, BUSA’s core focus on economic transformation, the importance of building a sustainable energy …


Interview: Chris Bredenhann – Partner, Oil & Gas Industry Leader, PwC South Africa

Chris Bredenhann, PwC’s oil and gas lead for South Africa, discusses the services that PwC provides to the industry, recent industry trends, and highlights the country’s oil and gas potential. Chris, in 2012, PwC was establishing a new structure for …


Interview: Brian Blackbeard – CEO, Atlantis Corporation, South Africa

Brian Blackbeard, CEO of Atlantis Corporation, shares the major milestones of their key projects, FerroMarine Cape and FerroMarine Africa, the value they provide to the global oil and gas industry, his long-term entrepreneurial investment strategy, and his positive outlook for …


Interview: Dimmie de Milander – Commercial Director, Starlite Aviation, South Africa

Dimmie de Milander, commercial director for Starlite Aviation Group, shares how the company has adapted to the global downturn in the oil and gas industry over the past few year; his positive outlook for E&P activity, particularly in southern Africa; …


Interview: Lindiwe Mekwe – Acting CEO, Petroleum Agency South Africa (PASA)

Lindiwe Mekwe, acting CEO of Petroleum Agency South Africa (PASA), South Africa’s upstream licensing body, shares the major highlights over the past few years, the critical importance of the transformation agenda within the upstream sector, and the huge oil and …


Interview: Jako Laubscher – Director, 6Sigma, South Africa

Jako Laubscher, founder and director at 6Sigma, shares his motivation for establishing the company in 2012, the challenges and opportunities the company has seen in the past five years, and his growth priorities for the next few years. Jako, what …


Interview: Chris Campbell – CEO, Consulting Engineering South Africa (CESA)

Chris Campbell, CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), share the main achievements of the association over the past few years; the critical networking, facilitative and intermediary services they provide to their members and the overall industry; as well as …


Interview: Minister Alan Winde – Provincial Minister of Economic Opportunities (Responsible for Agriculture, Economic Development and Tourism), Western Cape Government

Provincial Minister of Economic Opportunities for the Western Cape Government of South Africa, Alan Winde, shares the major economic achievements of the government over the past few years including a stunning three percent GDP growth rate, the successful establishment of …


Interview: Dave W. Wright – Secretary General, South African National Energy Association (SANEA)

Dave Wright, secretary general of the South African National Energy Association (SANEA), shares his thoughts on the developments and challenges of the South African energy sector in the past few years, the country’s need to develop a gas infrastructure as …


Interview: Niall Kramer – CEO, South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA)

Niall Kramer, CEO of the South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA), shares his perspectives on the most pressing problems for South Africa’s energy sector and enthuses about the country’s unexplored E&P potential as well as the urgent need to …




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