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Focus Reports Ltd. Releases New Norway Oil and Gas Report

16.10.2013 / Energyboardroom

Last year, Statoil CEO Helge Lund dismissed calls in the Norwegian parliament to cool down the oil sector as absurd. Yet, cooling down the oil industry seems to be the exact aim of recent proposals by the Ministry of Finance to change the Norwegian fiscal regime. With elections due in September, it seems the government has finally decided to address the question of Norway’s oil industry growth. The industry asks why its growth should be restricted when it brings so much value to the country. The government responds by pointing out multi-million dollar project overruns, unresolved issues surrounding Arctic exploration, pressure on economic and human resources and a  two-speed economy that leaves the mainland industry trailing behind. But how volatile has the Norwegian market really become and how is the industry circumventing these challenges?

Written after exclusive interviews with the country’s decision makers from local and multinational companies, manufacturers, distributors, experts, legislators, this is a unique resource for those looking beyond figures.



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