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EnergyBoardroom releases new Spain Inside Oil & Gas Report

17.10.2017 / Energyboardroom

Energy Boardroom today releases a new report on the Oil & Gas sector in Spain, ‘Inside Oil & Gas Spain.

With an economy recovering to pre-crisis levels, a host of diversified and internationalized energy and EPC companies, a regional-leading oil and gas infrastructure, and the beginnings of greater interconnectivity with both the rest of Europe as well as Africa, Spain stands poised to carve out a role for itself as the preeminent energy gateway and gas hub for the EU.

Additionally, despite a lack of domestic E&P activity, Spain and Spanish firms look set to play a major role in the future of global hydrocarbons; best exemplified by Repsol, who made the largest onshore oil discovery in the US for 30 years in Alaska.

This report is drawn from in-depth interviews with the representatives of some of the key players in Spanish oil and gas: from rapidly internationalizing energy champions such as Cepsa, Gas Natural Fenosa, and Enagás, to ground-breaking Spanish engineering and technology firms like SENER and Indra, as a host of international MNCs implanted in the country as well as smaller domestic firms.

Through these expert insights, a picture emerges of a country in possession of world-leading expertise, innovative and outward-looking companies, and the infrastructure necessary to transform Spain from a European ‘energy island’ to one of the continent’s most important players.

Key themes featured in the report include:

Spain’s advanced oil and gas infrastructure

The country’s potential as a gas hub for Europe

Engineering excellence and the companies taking Spanish engineering global

Regional spotlights on the Canary Islands and the Basque Country

Domestic E&P Potential

Featured interviews include:

Rafael Villaseca, Gas Natural Fenosa

Antonio Llardén, Enagas

José Luis López de Silanes, CLH

Jesús Esmoris, Tubacex

Pedro Ascorbe, Dragados Offshore

José Luis Fernández Bris, Amec Foster Wheeler


“Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving hydrocarbons landscape, our country stands poised to capitalize and establish itself as a primary guarantor of European energy security.” Antoni Peris, SEDIGAS

“Though we might appear to be on the periphery of Europe, we are actually located very centrally in relation to international maritime transport flows and rank within the top ten countries globally for maritime connectivity by virtue of the heavy traffic flows connecting Asia with the West via the Suez Canal and Gibraltar strait choke points.” José Llorca Ortega, Puertos del Estado

“Today, the Spanish refining platform is one of the most sophisticated in existence and we export about 22 million tons per year, with the main destinations being the EU, North Africa and North America.” Alvaro Mazarassa, AOP

“The financial crisis had a dramatic impact and the domestic market disappeared, forcing our businesses to enter foreign markets very speedily or face an overnight collapse in their cash flow. EPC firms have thus acted as an outpost for a blossoming of Spanish exports, given that these were usually the first actors to arrive in new markets and successfully implement infrastructure projects that have showcased their talent.” Mario Armero. Anfac

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