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EnergyBoardroom Releases New Netherlands “Inside Oil & Gas” Report 2015

23.10.2015 / Energyboardroom

EnergyBoardroom today releases the new report on the Oil & Gas sector in The Netherlands.

Inside Oil and Gas Netherlands, October 2015 - Energyboardroom
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Companies, investors or other stakeholders interested in the future of energy should read how this veteran energy producing country is responding to the challenges of the low oil price, the rise of renewables, and an increased emphasis on LNG.

It features interviews with senior executives from the major companies in the region, updated facts and figures on the sector’s development, and stories.

The report is an authoritative and up-to-date assessment of the major sector in this strategically important oil and gas producing country. It covers:

  • The Netherlands as a key global producer. The country has an impressive array of globally active service providers, a concentrated gas infrastructure, a large storage and refining capacity, and Europe’s biggest port. It also has one of the world’s top ten largest gas fields in Groningen, and is the second-largest producer and exporter of natural gas globally.
  • Interviews with many of the countriesIncluding the IRO, Shell, Allseas, Bluewater, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal Vopak, Gasunie, GasTerra, Ampelmann, CRC-Evans Onshore East, SBM Offshore, Alp Maritime Services, Brunel Energy, EY Netherlands, Fugro, Euro-Rigging and De Regt Marine Cables.
  • Natural gas exports. The Netherlands is the second-largest producer and exporter of natural gas. The report covers how its industry is adapting, scaling up and becoming greener.
  • Dutch Innovation. The Netherlands is the fourth most innovative country in the world, and the report talks to many of them about how they stay ahead.
  • Upstream and downstream. The report offers a wealth of detail and facts and figures both on the country’s upstream activity such as Groningen field, and its downstream infrastructure such as the Port of Rotterdam.
  • The Netherlands is distinguished by its global outlook. 70 percent of Dutch oil and gas companies do business abroad, as our interviews with Shell, Royal Vopak, Seal for Life and others show.

EnergyBoardroom’s Netherlands Oil&Gas Report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Dick Benschop, President-Director, Shell Netherlands,
  • Edward Heerema, President, Allseas
  • Sander Vergroesen, Managing Director, IRO
  • Arjan De Vries, COO, Brunel Energy
  • Jeff Sluijter, Partner, EY Netherlands
  • Eelco Hoekstra, CEO, Royal Vopak
  • Hugo Heerema, President and CEO, Bluewater Energy Services
  • Paul Van Riel, Global CEO, Fugro
  • Bruno Chabas, CEO, SBM Offshore
  • Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO, Heerema Marine Contractors
  • Claude Pelzer, Managing Director, De Regt Marine Cables
  • Han Fennema, CEO, Gasunie
  • Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO GasTerra
  • Mikhail Blekherov, President, CRC-Evans Onshore East
  • Bruno Chabas, Global CEO, SBM Offshore

“The recent oil finds will take us into the future. Hence, I still see a bright North Sea future ahead of us.” – Gilbert van den Brink, Managing Director, Wintershall

“We have to look at ways of making gas in itself greener. What this means is bringing more biogas into the grid. When you are more efficient with your gas use and you have a higher volume of biogas, the entire gas system becomes less CO2 intensive.” – Gertjan Lankhors, CEO, GasTerra

“The way the Dutch people see business opportunities brings them all around the world.” – Pieter Arie Kraaijeveld, Managing Director, VSF



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